Sunday, November 14, 2010

Human Ethics and Dignity... Lets Build THAT... Petition Link Regarding Discovery Communications and Sarah Palin

"Drill, Baby, Drill comes to Discovery.."  [And they are apparently intending (?) to hire Sarah Palin to host the show!"]

My Response:

"Please do NOT [in regard to hiring Sarah Palin] do this! If you want to do a show in Alaska, why not employ some impovershed aboriginals? "That" would be a story! "That" would be ethical! "That" would make you "less" resemble a monster and "MORE" resemble a human heart beating within this vast [Poor to middle class folks need jobs; Palin is, amongst other things, already quite wealthy!] machine...

Dignity. Where does it start? Why not be a part of it?"

Join me in signing a petition against hiring Sarah Palin?  Add your own input? 

Quotes from source below: 

1.  "The media conglomerate Discovery Communications used to be known for their earth-friendly offerings. But they’ve just paid millions to Sarah Palin to host a “nature” show, despite her decidedly anti-environmental stance: She vocally advocates for habitat-destroying oil drilling, she denies global warming is a human-caused threat, and she spearheaded a brutal wolf-slaughter program as governor of Alaska..."

2.  "The former partial-term Alaska governor is reportedly getting paid $1.2 million per episode to host a television series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska," to be broadcast on TLC, one of Discovery Communications' channels. And if Palin runs for president in 2012, a show that provides her the opportunity to greenwash her environmental record on a mainstream, eco-friendly channel is downright dangerous."

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