Sunday, November 7, 2010

Working on my photo, video and singing (lol) skills... ns... gypsiechild... You Tube Videos

[Feeding the Birds at Post Park; Music Video; Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" (Ipod); gypsiechild; You Tube; Fall 2010]

It was a real windy day at the park, and the birds were either having a real tough time of it --- or (contrarily) having a blast!

[NS as the "Secret Love Child" of Cher (outfit) and Jimmi Hendrix (hair); Halloween Karaoke (Ms Angie's "Scaraoke"); Singing "Time Warp"; Woodstock NY; 2010; gypsiechild; You Tube (BS videotaped this one)]

This was early in the evening before the place got packed...
BS was a combo of Elton John and Boy George : )

[Kennett's Gymnastics (My son is a great coach!) "Monster Mash" Award Ceremony; Goshen NY; Fall 2010; gypsiechild; You Tube]

I did a clown show there, but I wasn't real happy with my own performance.  "Bad Hair Day" : )


Since I can't change "what is" or "might be" [I tend to make mountains out of molehills"... but I am scared : ( ] --- I might as well try to deal as best I can.

We've had a lot of happy times and I am very proud of my husband, adult children and grandchildren! 


If these take a minute to load you can click on the You Tube symbol and watch them there.


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