Friday, November 12, 2010

No More Fairytales... Continue the Tax Cuts for Millionaires? Why? They Are Doing Just Fine... What About the Rest of Us...

No More Fairytales!  Photo of a Photo by NS

There are two petitions out - that I know of - against the continuation of the Bush tax cuts for millionaires:

Here are the links and my commentary:

1.  "Tell Pelosi Stop Obama surrender on Bush tax cuts":

2.  "President Obama FIGHT Bush tax cuts for millionaires!  Progressive Change Campaign Committee"...

Quote:  "President Obama, ARE YOU KIDDING? Democrats lost in 2010 because they caved instead of fighting on popular progressive issues. Americans strongly oppose more tax cuts for millionaires and nearly a trillion in new debt. If you don't fight on this issue, Democrats may lose even more seats in 2012 - and possibly even the White House."

Commentary submitted on this one [also posted on FB]: 

"I may be just one small insignificant piece of this puzzle, but if the Bush tax cuts for millionaires continue I am done voting for the Democratic Party and I will discourage everyone else, including all of the members of my extensive family system to stop voting for Democrats as well. I will write the papers. I will keep putting it on Facebook. I will (yes indeed) non-violently "rage against the machine." Enough is enough! I [stood] behind Obama - strong - from the start. I helped host a local Inaugural party for Obama. I care about my country... and this is what I / we get? No more. Stand up or get out." Join Me??????????????????????

[Serious business folks.  Mike Madsen is the ONLY Democrat I will support in the future if the President Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party do not take a firm stand on this one!  And I WILL spread the word!]

UPDATE:  I can't revoke what I posted on the petition I signed - but I am [as of now; Nov 20 2010] revoking what I said above.  Too many folks in the GOP appear to be vultures...  I just CAN NOT - no matter what, I guess - go there!]  Please Dems...  DO NOT LET THEM EAT US!  What I'm keeping:  "Stand up or get out!"

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