Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gas Line Repairs - Affected Areas - Red Cross Shelter - Links

Detour on Broadway 1/20/2011

There is a gas line problem in the City of Kingston and repairs are underway.  I am simply passing on some information.  Please call the appropriate people for more details.

"NEWS ALERT American Red Cross Opens Shelter in Response to Gas Emergency in City of Kingston":

"Map of affected areas in Kingston#sourcefacebook":

From FB - As Posted by the Neighborhood Watch [See links in sidebar >]:

"For those who are in the affected area, the Red Cross is opening a shelter at the Midtown Neighborhood Center, corner of Broadway and Hoffman...they ask you bring your own bedding, food will be served...Central Hudson has set up a temporary headquarters near the police station on Garraghan Drive."

Pretty but dangerous...
Please seek shelter if you need to!

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