Friday, January 21, 2011

Update... Pondering... Serious Business... Stay tuned.

Photo (by NS) of the Emblem on a T-Shirt
(T-Shirt by "anvil")

UPDATE:  It is my understanding that most of the people that were without heat due to the problem addressed in the post below have since had thier gas services and heat restored.

CURRENTLY:  I am struggling with whether or not to construct a post about something that I feel is very important - but may also be (for some) very (emotionally) stressful.

Bear with me and know that anything posted here reflects my interests, research wise... and/or my opinions; and that I believe that I generally have the common welfare of the people (the majority of the populus) in mind. 

I am simply a blogger and as such, insignificant --- but not.

It is cold.  Times are tough for many of us.

I wish I had just happy things to post.

But that is not the case.

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