Monday, January 3, 2011

"Protesting Belleayre Job Cuts",,, GOP Blocks House "Child Marriage Prevention Act"... An Un-Holy Cow?... More

1) Heating up the Mountain:

["Protesting Belleayre Job Cuts"; as submitted to You Tube by GerryPallor;]

2)  Not Nearly Enough (Say What?????) Press:

["Republicans Kill Anti-Child Marriage Bill: Why?"; as presented on You Tube by "The Young Turks";

Related Article:  "House Republicans Block House Child Marriage Prevention Act"; Updated 12/ 17/10;

Quote from above article:  "The prevalence of child marriage remains alarmingly high worldwide. As CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and supporting the child marriage prevention bill notes, "More than 60 million girls ages 17 and younger -- many as young as 10 -- are forced into marriage in developing countries. Many of these girls are married to men more than twice their age. Not only does this unacceptable practice thwart a girl's education, it endangers her health and often locks her into a life of poverty."

3.  An Un-Holy Cow?  [This sure surprised me; how about you?]

["QI - Vatican City Has the Lowest Age of Consent and  Highest Crime Rate in Europe"; as submitted by the AthiestMediaBlog; ]

Related Statewide Article by Stephen Prothero, Special to CNN; "My Take Religious Cities are Among the Most Violent" – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs; [Edited; Go directly to source for addtional info.]

4) Sports, Crativity, Music, Affordable, Accessible and Empowering Activites for Youth...  "Stop the Violence..."

["Albany, NY Gang Prevention "Stop the Violence".wmv"; as submitted to You Tube by cooknys;]

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