Monday, March 21, 2011

Domestic Violence... Proposed Bill National Database and Registry Ulster County DA Stance Kingston Neighborhood Watch Info and Links

["PSA-National Domestic Violence Database; as submitte to You Tube by abetterw;]

I'm still not exactly clear as to whether the above noted database is up and running - but I am following up on - and passing on some exciting information and links that I got from FB via the Kingston Neighborhood Watch [See Links in Sidebar>>>] - and some followup research that has not been 100% read / processed / checked out yet.  Please check out the following:

"Proposed Bill Would Create Domestic Violence Registry « CBS Dallas - Fort Worth":

"Ulster DA continues push to reduce domestic violence":

"National Domestic Violence Registry - Welcome to our Website":

[Went through this pretty quick.  If you note any errors please let me know and I will evaluate / make the necessary corrections.  Thank you.]

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