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"How Could You?" Calling Out Female GOP Candidates for Political Office... Links... Moms Rising "You Tube" Video

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I recently asked a Republican candidate ["Beautiful day to...;] for Mayor (this accounting is close, but not exact) how she could justify being a member of the GOP, when so many members of the GOP have been taking whacks at Womens Rights - and would apparently - if they got thier way - take away (over the course of time) the very platform that she stands upon...

As it is apparent, to me, that a significant number of Republicans, particularly Conservative Right Wing Republicans, would like to see women "barefoot and pregnant" and delegated  to a life of dependence, poverty and servitude [certainly not to a Mayoral office (or only as a token...)]

This exchange occurred on FB, where my question dissappeared; reappeared; got some responses from others; and dissappeared again (as far as I can tell) --- with no response  [as of yet...; it has just reappeared again...] from the party to whom the question was posed.

As stated during the dialogue, I "do" believe the question was (and is) sincere and valid - and I happen to like (overall impression) and respect (in other areas) the woman / candidate (allied, I believe, with the wrong political party, considering the Women's Rights and child welfare issues) in question.

[ "The Motherhood Manifesto"; as submitted to You Tube by "UnclassifiedProducer; ]

I believe that this question should be asked of all female GOP candidates - especially from one woman, mother, grandmother, sister, etc. - to another.

Perhaps more blatently put:

"How could you?"

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If you scroll down and check the sidebar, you will find reference to a large number of issues - mostly focused on crimes against women and economic inequality.  There are a number of great links besides the ones I have posted here.

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