Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Poem (Or Song Lyrics) Inspired by the Auction of Joe Bieber's [Worth $40,000?] Hair...

A Poem (Or Song Lyrics) Inspired by the Auction of Joe Bieber's [Worth $40,000?] Hair...

 Photo [by NS] of a Children's Book Cover

The gap between the rich and poor
Is so wide now
That I'm not sure
The remedy is within our grasp

Or "God" on anyone's minds...

It is sad to see us drown this way,
Between the shores of what we say
And what we do
As the tide rolls in...

Who dares to speak of honor and sin?
At the "big top"
Where the leather squeaks
And they step on
"Mice and men"

No moral here though...
Rape is rape
Again, again, again...

Rape of the spirit
Rape of the soul
Rape of the mind

Out of control...

As the word gets passed down
From the air to the soil
From those cushion-backed chairs
Brushed with "unholy" oil

I have to ask
I just have to ask...

Where are those that speak of love?

As so many die quietly,
Without protest...
Feeling shame...
When they did their best

As the floor tipped sideways
And knocked them down...
Clowns and jesters
On the ground...

"Stand up to bullies!"

What did you say?

Look in the mirror...
Don't look away...

Because in every school yard
On every block
In every City

I hear a clock...

Ticking tears
Ticking blood
Ticking shame

Don't you have enough?

Marking a time
Man forgot how to love

And started to eat
His own.

By Nancy Smith [Rough Draft]

Source Re. Bieber's Hair Auction: 

"The Marquee Blog" / March 2, 2011:  http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/02/biebers-lock-of-hair-sells-on-ebay-for-40k/ 

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