Saturday, April 2, 2011

YWCA of Ulster County... Everette Hodge Center... Funding and Oversight Debates... Alderman Suggests Sale of Everette Hodge Center... Video and Sources... Commentary Pending

["Hodge center programs"; "The Daily Freeman"; Mar. 31, 2011;]

"Sandy Thompson-Hopgood and Andrea Park speak during a hearing on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, about allocations by the city of Kingston of federal Entitlement Program money" []

"Kingston groups make their pitches for share of federal funding"; Paul Kirby; "Daily Freeman: 3/10/2011;]

YWCA of Ulster County (via Google Search):

"Kingston Citizens": "Keeping Up With the Everett Hodge Center"; 4/23/2010;

Blog featuring Everette Hodge Center (Primary Focus Seems to be on "Food For Thought" Program):

The latest (that I am aware of):

"Kingston lawmaker suggests selling Hodge center to not-for-profit group (updated)"; Paul Kirby; "Daily Freeman"; 4/1/2011;]

"Tensions mount, tempers flare over future of Hodge center in Kingston"; Paul Kirby; "Daily Freeman"; 4/2/11 (Today):

Former Post [Letter to the Editor] On This Subject: "Flinging Towards the Sun YWCA and Hodge Center Merger Yes... Yes... Yes...":

Commentary [I have not yet read the information regarding the proposed sale of the Everette Hodge Center] Pending.

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