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NPR - GOP - AARP - Not-for Profits.... YWCA - Everette Hodge Center... School Safety Concerns... Focus on Bailey Middle School...

[Natinal Public Radio (NPR); "Republicans Challenge AARP's Tax-Exempt Status"; 4/1/2011;

Your thoughts on this?


Look into it. Evaluate it. But do the same with all of the other reputed not-for-profits, inclusive of religous not-for-profits.

As the song says: "Let the Sunshine In..."


Photo by NS / Midtown Make A Difference Day 2009 / This is Something We Surely Do NOT Want to Lose!


Follow-up on the YWCA V Current Everette Hodge Center (Funding, programs and oversight of same) Issue:

In the post below there is a video of a recent public hearing on this issue; as well as pertinent links regarding the debate.

I have simply been following the story, providing updates when available - and asking (via FB) some questions pertaining to the issue.

Apparently the City of Kingston currently owns the building; but programs run out of the building are funded via a "Community Development Block Grant" (CDBG) or grants (?); the YWCA idea has been in the works for a while now; and the community is at odds over this potential transition.

I think that is to be expected, as a lot of time and energy has gone into making the Everette Hodge community friendly. However, I also know that the YWCA is a class act - and this expansion would likely serve the same community (although the transition would likely be difficult) just as well.

I am always baffled, though, as to why some kind of compromise between groups such as these can not be reached (?)

Would the YWCA's grant cover hiring one or more new employees to work at the Everette Hodge? Might one or more of the people currently working at the Hodge be kept on?

One plus I see (or think I see) to the YWCA taking over, is that there would probably (?) be one Executive Director overseeing both the current YWCA facility and the Everette Hodge facility - which would cut costs (I believe; I could be wrong) from the get-go...

I am one of the folks that has felt uncomfortable when I've attended groups (one group actually; geared towards addressing community violence) at the Everette Hodge Center - and I know a couple of other people have felt (unwelcome?) the same.

So, whatever the outcome of this, I hope the new "hosts" will make sure that meetings are handled in an inclusive non-dominant democratic manner - with an official accounting - available to all - of what traspired.

An idealist - I would like to see the best of the YW blend with the best of the Everette Hodge. Is this possible by some means? I don't know. I have been told that the CDBG can only go to one party for the Hodge oversight; so...

What say you?

As far as the potential sale of the Hodge (City owned) to a Not-for-Profit organization...

Who might want to buy?

That seems to be a pertinent question, as some other groups might want to toss their hat into that ring as well...

Whatever the case, I surely hope the Everette Hodge Center is able to keep serving the community through this coming Summer; because times are - beyond a shadow of a doubt - real tough.


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Last entry - with more to come:

What is up with Bailey School and bullying?

I'm hearing and reading (FB) a lot of things I do not like - and I surely hope the youth, parents, guardians, teachers and other staff members are addressing the issues versus brushing them off.



"Safety first."

Mandated reporting...

Let's do it folks. Roll the ball...

All the anti-bullying videos are nice; but parents, guardians and those within the system have to be willing to implement the prevention and intervention (solution oriented) materials that they hear and see - or it will not [I have reason for serious concerns; and may well post some of those here (permission required) at a later date] get better.

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