Tuesday, May 3, 2011

City of Kingston City Council Meeting Citizen Notes On Open Speaking Session Issues

[UC Legislature J. Provenzano; Photo by NS]

At tonight's City of Kingston City Council Meeting (Open Speaker Session), UC Legislature, Jeanette Provezano spoke on behalf of keeping the Ulster County Health Center in County (versus making a transition to private) hands. Two employees of the facility also spoke (in a similar manner) on this topic - and a very good case was built (in my opinion) for doing so.

Also discussed were issues of public safety (blocked roadways) / children on bikes with no helmets - and the registration / regulations / fees / etc. for lawn and/or garage sales.

A possible bike helmet collection and give-away is reputedly in the works.

The garage sale issue [John Burridge showed up with a petition with 511 signatures against limiting / regulating and/or charging a fee for garage / lawn sales) - and this issue seems to have been dropped (?) for the time being.

We did not stay for the rest of the City Council meeting; but what we saw / heard "was" interesting; and I wish more people would (when they can) attend.

[Flowers Outside Kingston City Hall; Photo by NS]

If I spelled anyone's name wrong - or otherwise made an error - please let me know and [if appropriate] this will be corrected. Thank you.

[Photo by NS]

Happy Spring!

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