Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photos from Shayne Gallos Fundraiser at Mariners Harbor and the Surrounding Waterfront Area

[Beautiful Tulips Down At the Waterfront; Photo by NS]

[Bob thought this was dinner...; but there was a feast in the back room; Photo by NS; Hand by Jeremy Blaber...]

[Good Food, Good People and a Nice Place for a Good Cause...; Good Luck Mr. Gallo; Photo by NS]

[Happy Faces; Bob Smith and City of Kingston Alderman Landi; Photo by NS]

[Is This Beautiful or What? Blossoms on the Waterfront; Photo by NS]

[The New, Much Publicized Walkway on the Waterfront; Beautiful!; Photo by NS]

[I think I read that there were about 400 people at the Gallo fundraiser & there were surely a LOT of them! If I took your photo and it isn't here, it was either too blurry or someone stepped in front of the camera; whopper of a party!; Photo by NS]

[Mariner's Harbor hosted the Gallo Fundraiser and did an excellent job! Thank You. Photo by NS]

[Down by the Waterfront; Beautiful!; Photo by NS]

[[UC Legislature Michael Madsen (He always has that smile!); Photo by NS]

[The Bernardos Looked Like Happy Campers!; Photo by NS]

[All in all - "Just Ducky!" Photo by NS]

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