Sunday, May 15, 2011

Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sussman Hosts Open Meeting to Encourage Grass-Roots Ideas and Activism

Heads Up: On Wednesday, May 18 at 6:45 PM, Civil Rights Attorney Michael Sussman is hosting a public meeting "to solitcit ideas for new grass-roots initiatives in Kingston" ("Kingston Times"; Front Page & P. 7; May 12, 2011). Mr. Sussman is, according to this article, hoping to assist folks in starting "a grass-roots political movement to take on entrenched interests". The meeting will apparently be at 101 Hurley Avenue - but you might want to double check [and if wrong, please pass the info on to me?].


Anonymous said...

Well, the article said that he is not looking to start a political movement, so which assertion is correct?(and if the article is correct, then how in the world CAN one REALLY take on entrenched interests WITHOUT becoming "political"?! In Kingston? "You CANNOT be SERIOUS!!!(--John McEnroe).
I would think anyone could nail down the details by calling his office--especially since for any IMPORTANT FACTS no one can count on the local media!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now we are talking two articles in the local media megalopolies but after the meeting(did it take place even?) coverage. It dropped off the face of the earth....guess what, I could've told ya...
Did the Messiah arrive? Will the Messiah arrive? Is it more grownup/realistic to believe there is no Messiah??!!