Friday, May 20, 2011

Update... Golden Hill... Sussman... Pulses"... Anglou... "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings..."

[Photo (by NS) of a Book by Maya Angelou (front cover): "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings."]

I have an inquiry in to Annmarie Claus as to when the next rally for the "Golden Hill Nursing Home" [Keeping It County Run / Making Needed Renovations] will be held. When I have that information I will pass it on to you, along with a way that you can contact your County Legislatures on the matter. In the meantime, that is (here) "on hold" - as I feel it is important to cover the meeting that Attorney Sussman hosted (the papers did not cover this) as soon as I can get all of those materials (from videos I took; research I've done; etc) together.

For now, I want to state that Attorney Michael Sussman checks out - via an internet search - just fine. He is who he says he is - and he appears to have the best interests of Kingston - in particular Mid-Town Kingston (the area of greatest need) - at heart.

I have not been able to upload the videos I took at the meeting (probably just as well) to You Tube; so I am screening them and taking notes on what I deem to be most pertinent. Others that attended the meeting (Robert Smith, Jeannie Edwards, Ismail Shabaz (sp?) and a few other folks) are welcome to chime in; but I'm going to keep the ultimate write-up as issue-centered (versus people/personality-centered) as I can.

One thing that I can pass on - at this moment in time - is a link to "PULSES" ("Parents United Learning the Special Education System"). Attorney Sussman was accompanied by the founder of "same" - and a sheet / link to this organization was provided.

Is this ["PULSES"] organization going to be available to City of Kingston / Ulster County residents? I am not sure (I will fly an email...); but one would guess maybe. And if "PULSES" is a tool of empowerment (it sounds like it is) for these youth and their families - I say "Kudos!" [Wish you were here years ago.........]

The "Pulses" link (copy and paste in search engine line) is:

Other than that - for now - if anyone cares to make a list or add to a list of community activist organizations that are currently active in the City of Kingston (some are listed in the sidebar >) - "that" would be much appreciated. Along with a list of businesses - in the City limits - that employ a significant number of people.

Some of these (in both cases) were mentioned at the meeting; others were not. Any assistance here, to develop the most comprehensive outline possible - would be appreciated.

How well do the folks in this community think issues such as sexism, racism, elitism, economic inequality, education, classism and other basic Civil Rights issues are being handled? I was shocked by some of what I heard at the meeting; but heartened by a few others.

So... with a lot more pending... I will leave it there for now [my ulcers are eating my ulcers]... with a reminder that your thoughts and opinions are always welcome here [as long as they are appropriate / non-abusive] as well!

I am going to try to have the full write-up onsite by Sunday. Please (as always) - if you spot any errors - let me know. Appropriate changes (as called for) will be made.


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