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Community Issues... Sunday Morning Update... Blogger Writeup and Opinions Represented... Slight Revisions Pending

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I have decided to step away from the videos I took (though a valuable baseboard) at Civil Right's Attorney Sussman's open meeting, and simply put forth my own impressions from what (overall) was said. This is partly due to time and health constraints; and partly due to my commitment to creating (or trying to...) harmony (versus discord).

Strong opinions on some topics were stated and okayed for the camera, which I'm sure some reporters (I'm just a blogger and proud to be...) would jump on. However, as I've stated previously (on this blog) - it is my belief that the bottom line issue, in regard to Civil Rights violations here, there and everywhere, is socioeconomic inequality (classism) and the neglect, exploitation and abuse of those that fall within the lower socioeconmic groups. An issue (manifested in many ways; some of which were addressed at the meeting) that reaches across the sexes, the races, the different social, ethnic and religious groups, the non-religious, and the ages.

A long time ago, I approached the City of Kingston Common Council with information (passed out copies) on Oscar Lewis' "Culture of Poverty" study (1966; "Scientific American"). I recommend that article again now - because there is some vital information in it for all of the people and agencies that exist (are sometimes struggling with all they have...) in this city.

It was a general concensus at the meeting Attorney Sussman hosted that the Midtown Area of Kingston has been neglected and mis-handled. I agree, wholeheartedly with that.

In fact, if the mid-city area of Kingston is in the process of being designated a minority-area, I would have to ask why this area has not been the recipient of more help and funding versus (as it appears...) less?

A lot has "gone down" in the City of Kingston that is good.

A lot has "gone down" in the City of Kingston that is (my opinion) discriminatory and exclusive - pushing far too many to the fringes of existance - ignoring thier needs - and/or meeting these needs in ways that are counter-productive. For example, you cannot send someone for alcohol or drug rehabilitation and then send them to live in a drug/crack infested rooming house and expect positive (although a few will squeeze through) results...

And, in regard to the "street crime"?

What do you expect?

Children cannot be neglected, abused, terrorized on the streets or medicated into good behavior. They need safe homes. They need safe schools. They need "safe streets". They need political representatives that put them (the welfare of "our" children) - FIRST!

I heard at the meeting that there is (if any...; corrections, if out there, welcomed!) only one African American on the City of Kingston Police Force.
This should be remedied ASAP.

I heard that there is no longer an NAACP group in the City of Kingston - and I believe this should be remedied ASAP.

I also believe an organization strictly based on the advocacy and empowerment for women and children (to interact with other empowerment groups) is very much called for in this City!

I heard more about the recent sexual harrassment case the situation with the County Jail, and some other issues... and I would advise folks to "clean up thier acts" along with the streets...

Whilst taking a look at how current programs, from religious not-for-profits (are we overwhelmed with these?) to for-profit businesses (there don't appear to be many!) are operating and interacting with the community.

Tourism was brought up as a potential plus plus for the City of Kingston... but that won't happen unless some serious work - that we can visually SEE (and not just on the computer) occurs. Would more quality Bed and Breakfast establishments embellish this possibility? I think. [The key word being "quality."] Are aspiring new businesses facing roadbock after roadblock? So it would appear.

So - how do we simplify and keep high standards? Isn't "that" an issue (Shouldn't bringing in jobs be a priority?) to look at - along with debates about yard sale signs, cat issues and some other items that (I have to agree with a video I saw recently) appear relatively trivial in comparison.

Another issue, big in my book...

Should there be cross-representation - by one person (whomever that person might be) on any of the boards / commissions in the City of Kingston? If someone is on this board and that board and another board (etc), isn't that person being given too much (potential) power in a community that has a broad range of people to select our representatives and leaders from?

And what about the profit v not-for-profit issue? Do we want to live in a City that is based on County Jobs (I am not against these...) and the exploitation (my word; my blog; my opinion) of the less fortunate? [Some of whom certainly play thier part in the a cycle that needs to be looked at from all angles!).

Could some of what is now deemed volunteer work be transformed into paid positions?

And what about the Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) issue... Doesn't "that" (This was brought up...) deserve some serious scruitiny?

Some folks / groups were given "Kudos" for thier work on behalf of the City of Kingston. Why though, I wonder, do these groups never come together for one common purpose? Why is there an "us against them" mentality? Who IS (this came up, big time) focusing on job creation in the City of Kingston? Why are there so many (reported by others and personally experienced) roadblocks to business creation [not to mention the taxation issue...]?

After all is said and done, and my concerns about writing this in a way that is as non-offensive (but still confrontational...) as possible --- it turns out I am almost freewriting...

And I AM leaving out the most personalized issues brought up - whilst encouraging Attorney Sussman (yes, indeed) to investigate (if this is his intent) these issues (some with names attached) to the fullest.

A LOT was discussed at Attorney Sussman's meeting - and I may choose to return to the topic in the near future. For now, I'm going to leave this topic - with a note that further meetings are reputedly on Attorney Sussman's agenda and anyone / everyone is encouraged to attend / give thier own imput.

I have heard back from Attorney Sussman already - with more (He is working on his own overview of the meeting) pending. I also received the following information (on "PULSES") via email; and I will pass that information along to you here / now (Thank You Kathy!):

"PULSES is a group of over 400 members - including parents of special education students, attorneys, and service providers mostly in Orange County but also in Dutchess, Rockland, Westchester, and Ulster Counties. We currently have a subgroup in Ellenville which is very active and just hosted a special meeting last month. I have a few members from Kingston and am definitely looking to add more to the e-mail group. If you know of any interested parents of special education students, please send me their e-mail addresses and I will add then to the group.

Thanks for your interest in PULSES and I look forward to hearing from you,

Kathy Silgailis"

["The Importance of Little Things..."; Photo by NS]

Please note that I ended up writing this rather quickly (and that my own opinions as a resident and taxpayer in the City of Kingston are represented here...) --- that I "lost" a portion of it --- and that I realize some corrections (in regard to presentation / grammar) are called for (pending). If any factual errors are noted, however, I would appreciate feedback, ASAP. The appropriate (I do have video back-up.) corrections will be made.

Other than that: Happy May 22! It appears as if our latest "Armageddonist" was just another [Shouldn't "fearmongering" be illegal?] blowfish...

["Is THIS a Blowfish?"; Photo by NS]

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