Monday, May 23, 2011

Personal Note... PTSD.... Music Videos...

Just so you know, if you don't already, this will never be a strictly political or community-based blog. I suffer from PTSD and periodically go through what I will term "meltdowns"... Thus, I utilize this blog to convey many different things.

Right now I am having a tough time; but I'm still going to try and show up and cover some events that I have at least tentatively committed to. Other than that, it has to be "take care of me" time - or I risk unraveling further.

I know I look "normal" (except sometimes, lol, when I sing karaoke) --- but what the H is "normal" anyhow?

Do I look like a woman that had three children by the age of 19? Do I look like a woman that lived in a tent for a while with three children? Do I look like a woman that almost drank herself to death and contemplated suicide many, many, many times over?

I have been all of that and more - and like the woman in the video below, I later developed an addiction to perfection (impossible from the get go), education, information gathering and (to the best of my ability) activism.

Right now I am flooded by triggers. It happens. It sucks. It (so far, anyhow) passes...

But I will take this opportunity, like the lady in the video below, to say we need more quality resources to deal with PTSD - as it stems from many different (I am someone that suffered multiple truamas over the course of my life) factors.

I am not familiar with the book that is advertised in the video below, so please do not take that video as a book recommendation. I will, when I can, check it out - and maybe do a bit of a review from another PTSD victim/survivors perspective.

Peace, Love and Human Justice,


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