Sunday, June 5, 2011


I read a sign the other day that said...
"Plant a Garden...  Create Your Own Eden." 
I'm happy to say that I know a few folks that have done just that.
Photo by NS

There are some funky internet problems going on at the moment... including ads where they shouldn't be and spam sneaking through the filters.  I just removed the link (Heads up Rebecca...  Ward 5) from my blog link list (I hope this is temporary.) because there was some innappropriate (my opinion) stuff coming through [I also had this come through on my email].

Furthermore, just so ya' know, I did not download the advertisement that keeps coming through on my music link - nor do I approve it.  I just haven't figured out - yet - how to get rid of it.

That said, I'm having to take it easy due to some medical issues right now - so maybe I'll have a new posting up in a little while. 

Peace all. 

Have a good Sunday.

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