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Thoughts on the Democratic Candidates [Gallo and Clement] for Mayor... Opinion Piece... Cheap Shots.... Part 1 of 2

Pic (by NS) from a 98% (the majority of the people)
Rally associated with

Of the two serious Democratic candidates for City of Kingston Mayor, Shayne Gallo and Hayes Clement, I have sided with Mr. Gallo due to his roots here, his knowlege of the area, his working relationship with the unions and working-class people, the message he has consistantly put out and the persona of kindness (I think that is the best way to put it) that surrounds him.

I have nothing personal against Mr. Clement.  In fact, I do not know Mr. Clement at all. 

I do take issue with what I perceive (my blog; my impressions...) as Mr. Clement's arrogant stance; and I "was" upset this week by a little blip I caught in this weeks "Kingston Times" - a paper I generally have tremendous respect for.

I quote (from Hugh Reynolds Article; "Andi Rules"; "Kingston Times"; 6/9/11; bottom of page 26 and top of page 27]:

"Here's a vignette [My words inside brackets...] that may say something about Clement's style.  After the Democratic convention, Gallo, festering [Fact or perception?] over Clement's overwhelming win [Democratic endorsement...], indicated [To whom?] he might not be joining fellow Democrats at a post-convention party...  [which Mr. Gallo apparently did attend]... 

"Gallo, Gartenstein and [another person] took a booth at the restaurant away from the crowd and ordered drinks...

'These drinks are on Mr. Clement", the waiter advised, as Gallo reached for his wallet."


Let's be clear here, okay?

A "vignette" - described in psychological terms (reflecting this blogger's educational background) - is described in "Wikipedia" ( as:  "... a short description of an event, behavior or person used in a psychology experiment to control information provided to participants."

Which is (utilizing the description given above) one of the questions that I am have with this supposedly friendly competition between two Democratic candidates for Mayor...



A Question...

Whom (if this applies to anyone) is buying what and why?

Backtracking a bit...

I am one of the people that attended Civil Right's Attorney Sussman's open meeting a while back, where "entrenched" (so to speak) families were criticized (by some) and "new blood" (so to speak) was hailed(by some) as the answer to Kingston's problems.

I took this into consideration - and it probably does apply (I really do not know.) in some cases.

However, I can tell you that my husband, who grew up here in the City of Kingston, knows the streets of this City inside and out; knows the history of this City inside and out; and knows the personalities and issues associated with this City inside and out - in a way that I (having moved here about 20 years ago) probably couldn't begin to assimilate [I have been focusing on just getting to know my Ward and Legislative District] - in total - EVER.

So, for sure, there "are" benefits (for everyone) to having a "home-grown" Mayoral Candidate that is able to tell you (physically and metaphorically) how to get there ["Bottoms up!"] from here.



The combination of the chosen photograph and this blog entry is NOT meant to suggest that Mr. Gallo has the blessings (I would not know either way...) of  It is only this bloggers opinion that there might be - in this local competition - some common elements at "play."

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