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Collective Research... Updated... Save Our Youth... Youth Summit... More

Updated:  Some Important Links for Those Interested in Serving the Best Interests of Our City's Youth...  Collective Research... By me...  For you.

"Kingston mayoral hopeful calls for task force on youth problems (with statement)"; ;

"Kingston summit aims to curb youth crime"; ;

"Kingston City School District - Students Are Our Most Valuable Asset";

"Kingston school superintendent's salary tops $200K"; ;

"Many area high schoolers deemed unprepared for college, careers (with chart)"; ; 

"Four-year graduation rates rise in 8 local school districts, fall in five others (with chart)"; ;

"Ulster police, Kingston school district probe fight in gym locker room (updated)"; ;

"kingston progressive"; "GALLO PRESS RELEASE";

Updated Links I --- Related to this Issue [7/6/2011]

"Cap on property tax hikes worries local school officials"; ;

"Black graduation rate lags at KHS"; ;

"editorial The next superintendent"; ;

"letter Education frustrations"; ;

Updated Links II - 7/9/2011:

"Kingston High School principal moving to Crosby Elementary"; ;

"Kingston school board president, VP will keep slots"; ;

"Kingston school board considers publicizing resolutions in advance";;

"Local girls have better 4-year graduation rates than boys"; ;

"The Governor's Special Advisor on Vulnerable Persons"; Governor Andrew M. Cuomo ;

"Being Competitive Means Strong Schools, Manufacturing"; "AFL-CIO NOW BLOG";

"Changing of the guard at Kingston High School"; ;|met:102|cat:1009031|order:1

"Ulster school kids trend toward overweight problem";

"Kingston Times - BB kings Police quash South Clinton delinquents but permanent solutions may prove elusive";

"Kingston Times - Hot lead on a hot night";

"Kingston Times"; "He took him up the street and shot him"'

"Kingston man, 20, charged with felony assault";;

"letter Enforce curfew in Kingston";;

"Some Kingston report cards incorrect" ; " ;

"The Official New York State Sex Offender Registry - NY DCJS" ;


Updated Links:  7/9/2011:

"Obesity a growing issue for Ulster school kids";

"Ulster County sounds alarm about kids’ weight (with full report)"; ;

"Ulster Health, Mental Health departments headed for formal merger":

Updated Links:  7/10/2011

"THE GANGS, ALL HERE... Recent trials have cast light on shadowy side of Kingston"; ;

"Ulster County may create task force to study Safety Net expenses"; ;

"Ulster County study favors merging Departments of Health, Mental Health"; ;
Local blogger seeking input from youth, young adults and parents that have grown up in the City of Kingston and would like (for whatever reason) their voice to be heard.

Updated Links:  7/11/2011:

"Two shot on Kingston city street";

"U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low"; Yahoo! News ;

If you had problems in the school or in the community:

1. What do you think contributed to those problems?

2. What school policies do you think worked in your best interest?

3. What school policies do you feel worked against you?

4. What were your interactions with the City of Kingston police department (if any) like?

5. If you are a parent with children in the City of Kingston school district, what issues have concerned you in the last year?

6. In general, what changes [City of Kingston; on behalf of our youth] would you like to see in the coming year?

7. Do you have any specific compaints?

8. Do you have any positive input, suggestions, constructive solution-oriented ideas?

Please comment here - or send your answers to these questions, with your name, age and address or City Ward number - and I will see that this information [in print / documented] get passed on to pertinent parties. Just put "save our children" in the subject line, so that I can identify your response in my email inbox.

Thank you.

BTW, I recieved an email from Alderman Jen Fuentes, advising that the Ward meeting had been canceled due to the Childrens Parade - and asking that folks instead show up / "participate" in the "special forum on youth crime [as noted in one of the links up above] to be held WED JULY 13 at 4:00pm, Boys and Girls Club".

Note:  The passing on of various links to articles does not imply that this blogger is or is not in agreement with what has been written - although some of my own interests / opinions are reflected in some of the suggested links.

Blogger Commentary Pending.

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