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How Did You... How Do You... Fail Us?

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I guess it is pretty ironic that someone that has been such a disaster as a parent would even begin to address issues having to do with preventing teen pregnancy; preventing / addressing addiction problems early on; the prevention of youth violence and such - but it is that very fact (my admitted failure as a parent) - that inspires me (my children are now grown, with children of thier own) to try.

See, generational poverty; generational neglect; generational psychological, emotional, mental, verbal, physical and sexual abuse - with these traumas having been compounded, far too often, by perpetrators from outside the family that have likewise preyed on our psyches, minds and/or bodies - have had thier way with many of the individuals in my family; and I am one of few people - from my generation - that is willing or able to talk about it.

Is there a caste system in America?  Are there - as in India - "untouchables" - in America?  If not, how do children like me; my brothers; my sisters; my cousins; my children (as children) fall through crack after crack after crack after crack in a system that is supposed to make sure children are safe and provided for?

How did it come to be that my "step-mother" (one of a few / unofficial cohabitations...) died traumatically - out in the woods - with barely a squeak in the (other than local and perhaps slanted) press?  How did my half-sister (at around the age of 5 months) die of exposure and starvation with barely a squeak (comparitive to what "does" make the news...) in the (other than the local and perhaps slanted...) press?

How did men that battered and terrorized woman after woman after woman... child after child after child... spend barely any time - if any time at all - in jail for those particular reasons?  Why has woman after woman after woman in my family been diagnosed with this or that or the other thing - and - all too often - been revictimized by the psychiatric field - the medical field - the pharmaceutical industry - and even employers?

Why did accused sex offenders - sometimes allegedly having preyed upon child after child after child in my family - never have to face a jury for these alleged [1+1+1+1+1+1+..............] offenses?  Most of them (these "alleged" perps) going on (at this point) to a natural death - with thier victims showing up to listen to the whitewash and outright lies told at thier (yep; I have to use the word "alleged") perpetrators funerals?

Why did the schools - the teachers / employees at the schools (speaking of my generation) -  not notice and/or not report the frequent absences?  All of the homework that was not turned in?  That sometimes report cards were being signed by the children themselves?  The fact that a child obviously hadn't been to a doctor; hadn't had a bath or a shower...; hadn't had thier teeth brushed (or been to a dentist); hadn't had thier hair shampooed and brushed (in how long?) - thier clothes washed - etc?

Why did the schools - the teachers / employees at the schools (speaking of my childrens experiences) not notice or report some of the (poverty, trauma and addiction having thier way...) "same?"  Or report this sort of thing - to no avail - because the end result of that reporting was further abuse by the system and/or perpetrators within the system?

What purpose does "out of school" suspension serve in a family riddled with obvious problems?  What purpose does Family Court serve when they send a child from a family riddled with obvious problems to an institution that has perpetrators of mental, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse on the (all too frequent, my dear "friends") staff.

What purpose does a police officer serve when all he or she knows is to slap the cuffs on one of these kids - throw them in one of the institutions noted above - throw them in jail (where more perpetrators lurk) or shoot them?

What were our inherent rights?

What are our inherent rights now?

Why did the local paper refuse to print my story - or even discuss printing my story (this, in the early 1980s) - of the ritualistic, cultic, psychological, mental, physical and sexual abuse of a number of children / youths in the City of Kingston?  Why?  Wouldn't the public want to know?  Wouldn't they WANT the public to know so that the public could protect other children???  Why?  When some of the facts had already been printed.  When all of this (what I had to say) was backed up by a variety of people and a variety of documents that went through Family Court and/or Criminal Court - ending up with the conviction (after one police officer had even refused to investigate...) of one (probably of a few...) perpetrator?

Why did the parole board let that perp out of prison and allow him (after he had stalked us for years prior...) to move up the road from us?

Why did the Family Court, in another case I'm aware of, put an "in house 'order of protection'" against a man that had allegedly sexually abused a very young child?  Why did the lawyer that I paid $2,500.00 to - for representation of the child in that case - take the case to the wrong court [Family court versus Criminal Court]  - with the case being thrown out as a result and no return on the money...........................???????????? 


Why did they scare that little child so bad that she wouldn't say a peep in court?  How could she say a peep when she had been sent back to LIVE WITH HER ALLEGED ABUSER?

Yep.  I'm a "bad parent."  My son, the child's father, broke that assholes jaw - and I was happy about it.
"Shame" [yep folks, my son got arrested and paid the price plus "applejacks..."] "on" (excuse my sarcasm) "me."

I could go on and on; but consider this part one...

And tell me:

Does it make you happy to read about a woman that was terrorized by men her entire life; abused by men her entire life; scared to look, see, speak, breathe... 

Admit that she failed as a parent?


Now its your turn.



FAIL US ???????????????????????

[Just a beginning...]

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