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Activism in Action... Passing It On... Family Planning Funding... Letter to Representatives and Local News Editors....

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Passing It On:

"This week, family planning opponents in Congress used lies and distortions to eliminate an important provision in the economic stimulus package that would have allowed states to expand access to family planning services to low-income families through the Medicaid program.

This provision would have enabled many low-income women and families to access vital family planning services — basic health care that includes contraceptives and breast and cervical cancer screening. At the same time, it would have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in much-needed savings to both states and the federal government.

Opponents laid waste to this common sense policy.

Americans overwhelmingly use and support family planning services that allow couples to plan and space their pregnancies. These services are always a priority in women’s lives.

Given the health benefits and cost-effectiveness of these services, policies such as the Medicaid family planning option are even more important in these challenging economic times.

Don’t let family planning services be sacrificed to partisan politics.

Urge your elected officials to waste no time in expanding access to family planning services.


Marilyn Keefe
Director of Reproductive Health Programs"


Copy of a (slightly revised for inclusion here) letter I sent to Editor of the Kingston "Daily Freeman"; "Kingston Times"; and "Ulster County Press"


"As a woman that had no information, access to information or ability to access health and family planning services in my younger years - resulting in three teenage pregnancies - multiple medical issues - and ongoing social and economic distress - I am urging you to lend your support to any efforts geared towards expanding eligibility for family planning services to America's economically distressed population.

Along with a number of others, I am disappointed to hear that this "cost-effective" and "common sense initiative" (expanded access to Family Planning Services) has come under political attack - and I would like to join the other "voices" urging our political representatives to "act quickly" in support of the expansion - via the Medicaid Program and applicable grants - of such services.

Unplanned pregnancies, particularly teen pregnancies, too often hurt the family, the child and (socially and economically) the system. This is not - and should not be - an ideologically battle! We are talking about an urgent socio-economic problem (with a prevention focus) that begs (for everyone's sake) solutions NOW

Please join me in urging President Obama, Senator Gillibrand, Senator Schumer and Representative M. Hinchey to support the funding of and expansion of Family Planning services.

Nancy S. Smith, Kingston, NY
Former Teen Parent Former Teen Parent Case Manager (YWCA of Ulster County)
Former Coordinator of the Ulster County Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Services (APPS) Program [YWCA of Ulster County]
Member: Civic Action
Member: Mid-Hudson Valley League of Women Voters
Community Blogger / Activist:


There are links provided in the sidebar through which you (if you so choose) can access information on how to contact (whether pro or con) you local representives on this issue.


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