Monday, January 26, 2009

"Sen. Schumer says prosecute the Bush administration" You Tube

["Sen. Schumer says prosecute the Bush administration"; as submitted to You Tube by joshuabaca on 1/25/09;]

This video does not say explicitly that Senator Schumer is "for" prosecuting members of the former Bush Jr. Administration...

But the video does not negate the possibility --- which Nancy Pelosi "has" put her energies behind, either.

Perhaps there is something in a name (Nancy...) --- because I have to say I'm with Nancy Pelosi --- all the way...


A few pertinent article and book titles --- and/or --- quotes (Note, Though I appreciate the sentiments expressed below, I am not always familiar with the author "of" the quote...):

1. "The question is: are the people to be awakened or to be used?" (Jacques Maritain; "Man and the State"; 1951)

2. "The Worst Criminals Aren't On Trial" (Title of an article by Asim Beslija; "Transitions Online"; Commentary in "The Week", 12/17/04; P. 15)

3. "All repressed truths become poisonous" (Friedrich Nietzsche; "Of Self-Overcoming"; "Thus Spoke Zarathustra; 1892; Translated by R.J. Hollingdale in 1961)

4. "What I revolt against is the greed of men who squeeze other men as if they were squeezing oranges" (Carolina Maria de Jesus; In "Child of the Dark: The Diary..."; Translated by David St. Clair in 1962)

5. "The darkness of history... conceals a light. Beyond the mystery is meaning. And the meaning is destined to be disclosed" (Abraham J. Heschel; "The Prophets"; 1962)

6. "The Bush Court: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid" (Randall Kennedy; "American Prospect"; 11/23/1999; P. 54]

7. "It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him" (J.R.R. Tolkien; Author of "The Hobbit", "Lord of the Rings", etc.)

8. "Who will answer [if things were to go wrong again...] for tomorrow?" [Charles Peguy; "The Modern World: The Future"; "Basic Verities..."; Translated by Julian Green and Ann Green in 1943; Bracketed insert mine...]

I AM a very big believer in the Obama-Biden Administration, but the office of the president "HAS" been empowered (via Bush Jr.) --- beyond reason [and beyond the scope of the "US Constitution" and "Bill of Rights" - and "could" potentially set us ("We the People") up for the same sort of problems (who wants to dis empower oneself, after all?) at some point in the future...

If we want to hold "the people" accountable --- and are asking them to "step up to the plate" (as is being done)...

I believe (this is my opinion!) that we need to start at the TOP!

Why have a legal system if we aren't going to use it? OR - if we are going to use it "selectively" --- with some folks almost guaranteed a "get out of jail" (and/or financial restitution) card?

Come on folks...

Bush and Co. "sold us down the river" --- across the global landscape --- inside and out!!!!!!!!!!! And our children and grandchildren have paid an especially heavy price!!!!!!!!!

Remember Molly Ivins?

Here are the titles (She was one of the best reporters going, as far as I'm concerned!) of some of her WELL RESEARCHED articles:

"Administration Creates Climate of Secrecy, Fear" [Creators Syndicate (CS); 1/3/06).

"Bush's Position on 'Torture Bill' is Outrageous" (CS; 10/14/05)

"Enron Case: Monstrous Fraud Connected to Government" (CS; 6/6/06)

"Press Under Full Attack By Bush Administration" (CS; 8/9/2006)

"The Party Never Ends With The Bush Administration" (CS; 6/30/06)

Or... does it? [Where would Molly Ivins, now deceased, stand on this?]

Food for Thought...

Peace, Love and Humane Justice,


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