Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video Clip... Homemade... of Time Warner Channel Six Coverage of Inaugural Party at Kingston MuddyCup

["One Word Says It All"; Photo by NS]

My first successful uploaded video-clip; taken, I'm afraid, with a low budget video-camera - which actually operated a lot easier (even if not as high grade) than a more expensive video-camera I tried to work with in the past!

Certainly, Time Warner Channel Six did a LOT better at capturing this (lol) party than I (trying to capture "their" capture) did...

But, as I've said before, I am on an accelerated technological learning curve (pretty much teaching myself) --- and I'm climbing this mountain (geesh!) as fast as I can!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the party! Which was the end result of a lot of [FUN] work - and took a lot of individual and group ( Civic Action / Affiliates / attendees / etc.) ENERGY!

["Thank You Obama-Biden"; Photo by NS]

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Peace, Love and Humane Justice,


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Anonymous said...

THERE'S my Gumbi sitting on our couch with a chocolate candy in his hand. Wait till I see his Mom...smitty