Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mexican Border... Hillary Clinton... One Courageous Woman... Incredible Music Video Tribute to Marvin Gaye... Peace... Change... You Tube...

[Photo by NS]


Mexican Border Issues...

One Courageous [Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Thank YOU!)] Woman!

["Hillary Clinton In Mexico"; as contributed to You Tube by CBS on 3/26/09;]


As posted on You Tube:

"A tribute to Marvin Gaye. Here's to peace and change for 2009..."

["Marvin Gaye Tribute - What's Going On"; contributed to You Tube by janisbuckley on 1/13/09;]


N.S. said...

Lara Logan (CBS reporter on site in Mexico City) must be one courageous woman (Thank You!) as well...


little sparrow pw said...

The tribute to Marvin Gaye is perfect and if I had anything to do with you deciding to post it, all i am saying is 'right on with your good self' for giving peace a chance.

N.S. said...

Great video - great message - and all topped off by the fact that we are pretty big Marvin Gaye fans around here!

Big news (re. Bush and co) on the Road Runner home page, pw... (and probably elsewhere, as well...)

Have you seen it (I'm pretty burnt out & about to take a break...) yet?