Friday, April 3, 2009

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"Tony Alamo's HQ Raided in Child Porn Case"

"As stated by You Tube Video Contributor: "Federal authorities conducting a child-porn investigation raided the headquarters Saturday of a ministry run by a convicted tax evader once labeled by prosecutors as a polygamist who preys on girls..."

["Tony Alamo's HQ Raided in Child Porn Case"; as contributed to You Tube by factnetmember on 9/21/08;]

Two New York State Stories (in TWO Days) That Caught My Eye:

1) "Marist prof guilty of child porn"

"POUGHKEEPSIE — A Marist College professor was found guilty Tuesday of more than 130 felonies relating to his possession of child pornography on his office computer.

James Kent, a Kingston resident, was convicted of two counts of felony promoting a sexual performance by a child and 134 counts of felony possessing a sexual performance by a child. Rockland County Court Judge Victor Alfieri announced his verdict following a 2... week non-jury trial in Dutchess County Court, Dutchess County Senior Assistant District Attorney Marjorie Smith said Wednesday. She said Kent is scheduled to be sentenced May 26 and faces 2 1/3 to seven years in state prison on the felony promoting charges and 1 1/3 to four years in prison on the felony possession charges.
Smith said Kent was acquitted of seven counts of felony possession of a sexual performance by a child.

On April 5, 2007, Kent asked information technology staff at the college to check his computer because it kept constantly rebooting, Smith said. She said the staff discovered the computer kept getting “hung up” on some pictures, which were discovered to be of semi-clad children in suggestive poses. Smith said the staff then took the computer’s hard drive and did an internal review, which ultimately led to the Poughkeepsie town police being called.

A police investigation of the computer led to the discovery of thousands of images of child pornography, Smith said. She said most of the images depicted young girls, though there were some images of young boys engaged in bestiality.

Smith said the images were of “extraordinarily graphic depictions of children being abused” by adults and other children. She added that police also seized three floppy disks of images from Kent’s home, though those images were disturbing but not pornographic in nature. Smith said some of the children in the images on the disks were the same as shown on the office computer.

Kent, a professor of public administration at Marist, was arrested in September 2007. He had been on leave since that time.

Published: Thursday, April 2, 2009
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2. "Field hockey coach gets 40 years for child porn"

"A former upstate New York field hockey coach will spend 40 years in federal prison for producing child pornography involving the young girls he coached.

Todd Broxmeyer of Lisle (LYE'-uhl) was found guilty in September on two counts of producing child pornography and one count each of attempted child pornography production, possession of child pornography, and transporting a minor across state lines to engage in a sexual act.
He still faces sex charges in state court.

Authorities said the 38-year-old Broxmeyer had sexual contact with three female victims, all younger than 17, between November and December 2007.

He coached girls in field hockey in private leagues and clinics in Broome County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey."

"Times Leader" / "Associated Press": Friday, April 3, 2009 6:42 am

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Information from: "The Binghamton Press" and the "Sun-Bulletin" ---
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I once stated (although not with these words or this particular emphasis) that possession of child pornography is POSSESSION OF EVIDENCE OF A SERIOUS SERIOUS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

And I would certainly think that folks in possession of such materials MUST either PRODUCE these materials and/or be ASSOCIATED (whether through direct links or a series of linkages...) to the folks that DO PRODUCE (oversee and/or participate in the sexual abuse, rape, and other forms of horrendous - sadistic - abuse of children!) these MATERIALS.

Thus, if cases such as this are not currently being investigated and prosecuted TO THE MAX - in terms of what the possible linkages / other folks potentially involved are -

Don't Ya' Think?

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice...




little sparrow said...

Undermining the innermost workings of a child's mind by convincing them to participate in pornographic activity is indeed the darkest of perversions. No mercy should be shown and prison justice should be exacted upon all of them—from the ones who produce it to the ones who view it. If my interpretation of how it's done is correct, the real perverts get trounced by other inmates as the lowest form of scum that they are. That should be the punishment--put them away and let them know their day of reckoning will be settled when they least expect it for stealing the innocence of a child. I always felt that having pornography itself around in a home where kids are growing up is like having a second loaded gun waiting to go off.
The actual literal definition of porno--graphy is ‘whore’ writing or writing about ‘whores’ or harlots from the Greek. That is a stretch to signify anything truly nasty, but now it is generally under the category of pictures or videos as we all know. Years ago nudist magazines showed youngsters barely pubescent in full frontal poses au natural. I have never seen real child porn and have no need or desire to get all creeped out by it. I love to see photos of beautiful children like the first family kids and especially when they interact with their parents because it must activate the hormone oxytocin which was shown to be associated with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological boundaries with other people. I do not mean to infer that these pornfreaks lack that hormone and have too much of any other one but they just are as low as murderers.

Anonymous said...

this is stupid! They never found any porn on Tony Alamo. This is old news and not even correct.
Instead of spreading your lies go to and read the truth.
Then go to and
People post any dirt they can muster up and everyone believes the lies.
What a sad world we live in!!!
Wake up people! The media is nothing but lies, slander and propaganda.

N.S. said...

little sparrow and anon,

I will get back to this tomorrow, but for now I will say:

1. That I believe this is an area that is in need of some serious scruitiny and legislative changes.

2. That I believe perpetrators of crimes such as this should be given serious sentences whilst being treated (trauma on top of trauma serves no one) in a humane manner.

3. That I do not (this addressed to anon...) "spread lies" - and that the allegations regarding Tony Alamo of Alamo Christian Ministries can be found in many print resources (I will follow up on this...), as well.

4. That it makes no sense at all to check into this matter on sites that promote Alamo Christian Ministries (or similar organizations) - because most such organizations (or so it appears) attempt to deny / bury any such allegations if and when they are legitimate.

5. We do - indeed - for the sake of our children - need to "wake up" and check out what FACTS may or may not be associated with such allegations...

Anonymous said...

On re-watching this video (from September 2008, not all that long ago...) one certainly can't deny (coverage by CNN) the arrest scenerio depicted...

Thus, there should be some information "out there" (I already know it is true that Tony Alamo lost his tax exempt status due to financial inproprieties at one point) as to the results of Tony Alamo's arrest in regard to this latest case. (I also know that child abuse allegations have been made, in regard to Tony Alamo, in the past.)

N.S. said...

A passage from a book regarding the above:

"Tony Alamo, the founder of 'Alamo Christian Ministries,' reputedly taught that one man being married (legally or no) to more than one woman was a 'biblical' mandate; that women should (according to 'biblical' prescription) be subservient to men; that homosexuality is linked to 'demon possession,' and that the Catholic Papapcy, which Alamo deemed 'demon possessed,' as well, intended (over the course of time) to take over the world. However, apparently Mr (Sexist, homophobic...) Alamo, whose tax-exempt status apparently wasn't (if tales be true)revoked... until his ministry was worth fifty-million-dollars, or so... apparently wasn't such a righteous chap, himself; as Alamo stood accused of child abuse (outcome unknown) [This previous to the case addressed (2008) in the video above]; exploited a number of his followers; engaged in tax evasion and other fraudulent monetary practices; and didn't seem to invest very much time, effort, or money - into feeding hungry children; ministering 'freely' to the poor and/or promoting peace, equality and social justice" ("Ode to the Wicker Man... Book I"; 2007; iuniverse]