Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alamo Christian Ministries Follow Up... Anyone Know the Ultimate Outcome... You Tube Videos... References

To my knowlege Tony Alamos Christian Ministry is not active in this area. However, since a previous video-post on this subject raised some contention and questions, I have done a little more research on the matter...

["FOX Interview With Tony Alamo"; as submitted by factnetmember on September 25, 2008;]

["Evangelist Tony Alamo Agrees to Return to Ark."; as submitted to You Tube by AssociatedPress on
September 27, 2008;]

["KARK - More Alamo Properties Raided Tuesday; 20 Children Removed"; as submitted to You Tube by factnetmember on November 22, 2008;]

["KTAL - Alamo To Appear In Texarkanas Federal Court Friday"; as submitted to You Tube by factnetmember
on November 22, 2008;]

["KTAL - Alamo in Court Today"; as submitted by factnetmember on November 24, 2008;]

["MY MISSING CHILDREN(MORE DETAILED)"; as submitted to You Tube by pixypixy1987 on March 08, 2009;]

For more information, please copy and past the following into the address bar:

1. "Tony Alamo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia":

2. "Tony Alamo":

And if anyone has access to any updated information on the case or cases - please do let me / us know!

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Dyann said...

I am a former member and I'm glad that you're attempting to fact-find and follow-up on this news. is the most currently updated site on the web, at this time.

The Tony Alamo Mann Act, Federal Trial is scheduled to go forward in Texarkana, AR Federal Court on May 18, 2009.

Keep checking with tonyalamonews for any postponements, or delays.

you can also directly email for breaking news.

N.S. said...


Thank you! From survivor (in my own way) to survivor (I am choosing to trust that this is sincere) loads of respect!