Monday, June 29, 2009

KAPA Notes... WindUp Pending... Ward 5 Advisory... Natural Gas Lines... Construction... Fireworks... Gardening... Signs... More

The following video provides important information (I had to do a quick search) on "Natural Gas Pipeline Safety" - with relevant contact numbers for additional info. I hope the DPW is up-to-date on their training regarding this... It might be that we could use a few more visible signs (with all of the Construction and gardening projects going on....) around natural gas line locations in the City of Kingston...

["Natural Gas Pipeline Safety"; as submitted to You Tube by NWEUtility on June 18, 2009;]

I will try - before this day is out - to finish the KAPA notes from the last Commission meeting - with a reminder to you and me (I may or may not attend) that KAPA's next scheduled meeting (a workshop) is (unless something changes) tomorrow night, 7PM, Kingston City Hall, Conference Rm. 1 (and it is open to the public).

I also have some other information that I want to get posted on here - but it is tough to keep up with myself (lol!) - even when my mood bounces back up to "you CAN do this!"

Today: The rest of the KAPA notes, for sure...

Pending: Interview with a wonderful lady!


Notice for Ward 5: With all of the construction going on, please be aware that construction (especially sewer construction) runs the risk of hitting a natural gas line (I just read this in a pamphlet) - so please keep your attention peeled for any noxious smells or other signs of a gas leak...

And please... whoever is setting off firecrackers or fireworks (last night) over in that vicinity... keep this (if you are a neighbor, could you clue them in) in mind?

I'm not real familiar with the laws around the firecrackers, fireworks or whatever... but I do know I'm invested in NOT having my neighborhood blow up! [Note - it is also good to be careful - in regard to natural gas lines - when digging gardens, planting trees and such!]

Please take note of the fact (Ward 5 / those traveling through) that there are a number of children riding scooters - and puppies running about - in the YMCA Park / Summer Street [a narrow street that sometimes has a lot of cars parked on it - and currently (due to the construction nearby) even more...] area. So please use care driving (particularly backing out of driveways or where visibility is otherwise compromised (a Ward issue?)] in the Summer Street / YMCA area!


I actually thought I had zapped (tucked it into drafts) the post below... so it was funny to get on here and see it - not only published, but in bigger video format than usual...

And, since it is there - and it made me laugh - I'm going to leave it there (I sure need a laugh) - even though my motivation for the first video posting was sarcasm and anger (These guys deserve multimillion dollar book deals?????) - my poem betrayed one of my very down evenings - and both of the videos contain (Now I can write, for both, "viewer discretion advised") curse words...

That said - a laugh is a laugh - and it is good that I can still laugh at myself (my own mistakes) sometimes!

Thanks! (This has been revised / edited somewhat)...

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,


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