Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alice Walker reads Sojourner Truth... You Tube... Independence Day... Ward 5 Info and Invite...

["Alice Walker reads Sojourner Truth"; as submitted to You Tube by arnove on 1/28/08;]

A few things...

1. We often read about Sojournor Truth and celebrate her as part of our local history, so it was really neat to come upon the above video --- which is presented here NOT because I agree with every word spoken (a rendition by Alice Walker) --- but because she dared (oh yes indeed...) to speak!

2. Happy Independence Day!

3. I wanted to let folks know that Ward 5 residents are welcome to send me their concerns for posting here. I generally attend City Council meetings - and when I do I could pass some of these concerns on.

There is some Ward specific information posted down below already - and there are some videos posted that are (I believe) pertinent to some resident concerns regarding the proliferation (or so it seems) of "scary" dogs (Does this relate to a perceived need for protection? Gang activity?... Are dogs that are trained to intimidate and/or attack the new "weapon?") in the City.

These concerns (noted above) have been expressed by some folks on the group - and by myself and a couple of my neighbors in Ward 5 as well...

On top of that, it looks as if there is going to be a Ward 5 meeting (if all goes well) at Monkey Joes sometime in August. Are folks up for that? Do you think a Monday - Wed - or Friday (I'm thinking around 6:30PM - and trying to avoid dates when I might be at other meetings...) works best?

Jen Fuentes is the person that approached me about this meeting - and it needs to fit into her schedule (She would be the main speaker / wants to hear your concerns) as well.


4. I wanted to let you know that there are two articles in today's "Daily Freeman" that are worth a serious "look-see"...

a. "Democracy on a Curve" (Will Durst; P. A4) [Can this guy write or what?]

b. "Are Democrats Ready for Their Big Opportunity" (Bill Press; Tribune Media Services; P. A4) [Al Franken is in... a shift in the Senate has occurred...]


All of that said...

If you want me to post any of your Ward 5 concerns [please pass this on to folks that don't have computers and get their input as well] - you can either post them here - and/or send me an email at

I will pull these (please keep them general, no personal attacks will be published) together and I will (as they come in) put them in a list in the sidebar >>>

Truth, Peace, Love and Humane Justice,


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