Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rollin on the River... You Tube... Waterfront Events... Correction Associated with Previous Posting... Planting Idea for Next Year...

I picked the following video out of a host of You Tube videos featuring "Rollin' on the River" for a few different reasons:

1. I would like to honor Tina Turner (Always a WOW!) - as well! AND take the opportunity to honor a beautiful, compassionate, strong and inspirational "Tina" (LOVE YA KID!) in my own life!

2. The local "river" was doing a bit of "rolling" (and rocking) last night...; and

3. There were some interesting [One makes me growl, but you'll have to guess (lol) "who"...] attendees at this particular (check out the video) concert...

["Beyonce Honors Tina Turner"; as submitted to You Tube by pr1ncess2007 on 2/20/08;]

My husband and I (with my camera in tow) went down to the waterfront last night to take in some of the historical (a recreation of) events taking place; after which, we took a trek over to Kingston Point beach - and returned (to the Roundout area) to spend part of the the evening at a local bar/restaurant that has Karaoke (Wed nights) and various other forms (other nights) of entertainment...

It was a great night (photos pending) overall! And I've got to say that I'm amazed how many people came out - on a somewhat gloomy (weather-wise) night - for all of these (boats coming in; bands playing; volleyball at the beach; ball-games at the field; loads of diners; some enthusiastic singers...) events...

Leading me to believe that the City of Kingston is a bit more "hopping" in some regards than I (previously) thought...

Lending some real credibility (in my eyes) to the idea that the Kingston Waterfront "could" really become a big (community wise, economic-engine wise) deal!

Thank you to all who contributed to last night's events! Thank you to those that are (obviously) taking time to seriously clean up the Kingston Point Beach (also crowded) and associated children's playground! And thank you to the gracious hosts at the Steel House - who really have (as do a bunch of other establishments in the Roundout area) a good thing going!

More (with photos) on this (The ships were awesome!) later!


A ways back in the thread/positing list - when referring to a community garden idea - I discovered I made a big "oopsy"! I posted a correction there - but will do so here - as well.

"The community garden idea should say 'YMCA' (Ward 5) - not 'YWCA' (Uptown/Clinton Avenue)! My apologies!

Maybe that (lol) is why I didn't get any responses?

Perhaps next year?

The YMCA youth rec program participants might enjoy a project such as this - and there seems to be some on-site property that could (along with the general environment) use a little TLC!

It wouldn't even have to be a vegetable garden... The YMCA could order trees (real cheap) from the Arbor Day Foundation (I got ten baby trees for 10 dollars!) and use them as a teaching tool (?!?)

That sounds like a win-win-win-win [a little less mowing - a little more (not overly demanding) landscaping] - some learning and some fun for the young folks - to me!


Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,


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