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["Turkeys Gone Wild-Turk Wilder"; as submitted to You Tube by turkwilder26 on February 13, 2008;]


I got a nifty visit this am from what I believe were two large turkeys and a bunch of baby turkeys --- all of whom crossed the road towards me --- and appeared as if they (one especially) were going to waddle right up the front steps and knock (so to speak) on the door!


To the best of my knowledge:

Today (Wednesday, July 8th) at 5:30PM there will be a meeting regarding Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) at the 7-21 Media Center on Broadway.

The next meeting regarding KAPA will be held tomorrow (Thursday, July 9th) night at
7PM at Kingston City Hall (generally these meetings are held on the 2nd floor in Conference Room 1).

All interested parties, the general public, potential producers, potential donors, etc. are welcome to attend.


Passed on From and my E-Mail:

"One of the most [extraordinary] uniquely Kingston experiences is the wonderful group of dog lovers who walk their dogs off leash around the fields, Lenape trail and Kingston Point. The dogs have their "playdates' and run ragged together while the owners, a cross section of the wild diversity that we all love about Kingston pick up poop, share stories and have a brisk walk. This has in the last month been crushed by the dog warden who sometimes hides in the woods to pounce on dog owners with tickets for unleashed dog walking. I spoke with the mayor who told me people were complaining about lying on blankets in the park and being disturbed by off leash dogs and the ball park crew complaining about dog poop. Well, at least give us before 9AM when the essential before work crowd assembles to give their pooches a good run with their buddies: there are certainly no people out with blankets then. The mayor wrote down a note but then yesterday the dog warden was back ticketing at 8 AM. The other suggestion was to make the large field to the left of the entrance to Kingston Point Beach (across the road from the playground) into a fenced in official off leash area. If anybody is interested in helping move that effort please chime in." [ on behalf of Peter Wetzler (; Wed 7/08/09 5:18 AM]

[A special fenced in area for friendly dogs and dog walkers sounds like a pretty good idea to me (though still having the potential for some problems...) - and (if this were to work out...) perhaps special places such as this could be fenced in / made appropriate in some other areas of the city (I am not anti-dog / just pro-safety) as well?]


Passed on from my E-Mail:

"Dear New Yorker,

Governor Paterson will address the current Senate stalemate and its impact on all New Yorkers this afternoon at 5:00 p.m.

A webcast of the address will be available at

- The Office of Governor David A. Paterson" [News from the Governor's Office ( / Wed 7/08/09 8:20 AM]


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