Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 2009 Independence Day Celebration Kingston Waterfront... Tina Turner Video You Tube

Thanks to Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, other donors, some local musicians and other local talents, volunteers --- the Independence Day Celebration on the Roundout Waterfront was a nifty and diverse event!

Something for Everyone:

[I know this guy, who hosts at a lot of community events, as "Uncle Willy" (Thank You!)]

[This turtle, along with what I think was a parrot (?) fascinated the children (and the clown as well!) (Thank You!)]

[The Big Smoothies with D. Magill (sp?) doing an awesome Tina Turner act! How could you not love this? (Thank You!)]

["Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High"; as submitted to You Tube by otizlotiz on March 17, 2008; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqMJjmkCqEM]

[Chips of Chips'NDips Entertainment (Yours Truly) made it around and around and around! (I think I might have had the most fun... right up until I started to melt...)]

[This smile, for me, is what it is all about! (Thank You!)]

[An awesome dance troop that really grabbed my attention! (Thank You!)]

[Main Stage]

[A tribute by local talents on behalf (I believe) of cancer victims and survivors (A place of peace, tranquility and beauty...) Thank You!]

[Enjoying the Clown (Mom/Grandma :), the Face Painting, the Turtle, the Storytelling... and More in the Children's Area! (Thank You to all the Contributors!)]

[Children's "Ride" Area... Could we somehow make these rides free (a lot of families can't afford the fee!) next year?]

[Ditto... Ideas (An advance raffle for the children or something?) anyone?]

[The Big Smoothies, D. Magill (sp?) and Associated Dance Troop (Thank You!)]

[A General Span of the Crowd Near the Stage... (Why is there not more dancing? It is FUN!)]

[This is not only beautiful... It is also a quiet and peaceful getaway...)

[This photo is associated with events at the Steel House restaurant... which I decided (They have been very good to me / host a lot of great events) to take a photo of, as well(Thank You!)]

Respectfully submitted (A thank you to Kathy, as well, for getting me there!) by,


For More Photographs of the Event and/or a Video of the Fireworks (Thank you to these community bloggers, as well!) please go to (copy and paste the http... into your address bar)...

Kingston Progressive:


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