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Informal Finance and Economic Development Mting Notes... Other Meetings On Proposed 2010 Budget... Nov 18 Meeting Confusion and Clarification...

[Photo from Public Hearing on the Mayor's Proposed 2010 City of Kingston Budget (See Below for More Photos and Information)]

I spoke to MiMi(sp?)[Clerk at City Hall] this morning - and confirmed that there will be meetings at City Hall - regarding the Mayor's proposed 2010 budget - tonight and tomorrow night - as listed in the sidebar >>>>

The Nov. 18th Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting, however, is apparently listed wrong [I have a copy of this] on the City of Kingston Calender [This was also the address given in the last "Kingston Times", which quite likely got the same info (off the calender) as I did]...

According to both the Clerk that I spoke to - and Alderman Charles Landi (whom I spoke to after) - the Johnston House address is in error - and the Nov 18th Finance and Economic Development Committee "will" be held at City Hall - as per usual (most likely in Conference Room One).

Hopefully this matter will be corrected on the City website / calender - but in any event - it is probably good - considering the confusion (which I have now taken part in) to call City Hall at 331-0080 to clarify / confirm. [Both the Clerk and Alderman Landi reported not knowing how this got listed in such a manner on the City of Kingston Calender]

In regard to Thursday's [11/12/09] Finance and Economic Development Meeting - on the Mayor's proposed 2010 Budget - I will only post a few [I was only present for part of the meeting] notes:

1. Alderman Charles Landi was the Chairperson at the meeting.

2. I would guess 30-40 (+?) people were present [a good turnout based on what I have seen in the past] for some part and/or all of the meeting.

3. Alderman Landi passed out a copy of the Mayor's proposed 2010 Budget.

4. Alderman Landi mentioned that there had been approximately 350 people [all against one or more items in the proposed Budget, with a focus on preventing the proposed layoffs) at the Public Hearing [see below for coverage of this] on the Mayor's proposed 2010 Budget.

5. Alderman Landi mentioned that members of the Kingston Common Council were in communication with members of the Kingston Uptown Residents Alliance (KURA) - which recently held a very informative meeting [see below for coverage of this] that addressed City of Kingston monetary concerns [along with allowing a venue for local political candidates to speak (pre-election) and meet constituents].

6. Amongst those present at this [back to Thursday's Finance and Economic Development Committee (11/12/09) Meeting (I could not possibly name everyone...) were:

a. Alderman Charles Landi

b. Alderman Al Teetsel

c. Alderman Shirley Whitlock

d. Alderman Mike Madsen

e. Alderman Ann Marie DiBella

f. Alderman Ron Polaco

g. Alderman Tom Hoffay

h. Alderman-at-Large / City Council President James Noble, Jr.

i. City Comptroller, Mr. Tuey

j. Andi Turco-Levin [2010 Alderman, if the final election numbers have or do confirm this]

k. Jen Fuentes [2010 Alderman, if the final election numbers have or do confirm this]

l. Jeanne Edwards

m. A number of CSEA and/or Union Reps and/or Associates

j. A number of concerned City of Kingston residents.

A lot of interesting questions were brought up.

A few things apparently need to be clarified / followed up on in regard to the Unions.

The general theme of "no layoffs" (Alderman Landi) appears to represent the collective voice of the majority of Kingston residents that have taken a public stand...

The issue of taking a close look at the City of Kingston's Not-for-Profit sector
[religious and non; homestead/non-homestead; property tax exemptions; sales tax exemptions; exemption from certain service fees...] was brought up (in one manner or another, by a few different people...) again.

I also (on this topic) handed in a document to Alderman Landi --- with sufficient copies to be passed around the table - requesting that a committee be pulled together (See addendum below) to look at this particular issue --- which is complicated (There was some discord and disagreement about this at the meeting.) due to Federal, State and local regulations --- and different quotes of percentage breakdowns --- that many people (myself included) need to have a better grasp on...]

It was also brought up [along with a number of other things that have been mentioned previously on this site (see below) that if the 28 people are layed off (as recommended in the Mayors proposed 2010 budget) - the revenue "saved" (for lack of a better word) would be much less than it appears - due to the necessary pay-out (regarding these same employees) of unemployment benefits and other monies that have accrued to them.]

In closure:

I have omitted no names intentionally. I am simply pressed for time [I have an appointment.] --- and I was not, as noted earlier, present for this entire meeting.

[I must say, I heard a number of interesting things at this meeting and I did meet a couple of intriguing (in regard to different point of views and ideas) individuals!]

That said - as always - please let me know if you spot any errors here - and please feel free to add your input / ideas.

I am still working on compiling a list of suggestions for the Council - which I believe needs to be in [my self-imposed (and due to necessity) deadline] by tomorrow.

I also have a "fun" idea for anyone that has the knowledge, skills and time to give it a try...

Why not draw up a tentative budget - based on the numbers given [Mayor's tentative Budget 2010) --- and what you personally think --- inclusive of your own recommendations?

This "could" be a "fun" exercise (for some people...) [Do you like "Rubik cubes"?] - and it might prove [I keep reading and/or hearing the term, "think outside the box" -which I first heard in Women's Studies classes at SUNY - lately] to be a really insightful and valuable (Who knows?) exercise!

Truth, Love and Humane Justice,



Formal Request: Presented to City of Kingston Finance and Economic Committee on 11/12/2009

I am requesting that a committee be put together to evaluate the not-for-profits [religious and non; homestead and non-homestead] to determine if some of these organizations and/or associated properties belong on the tax roles.

I am requesting that this committee be made up of:
1. The President of the Common Council / Alderman-at-Large
2. The City of Kingston Comptroller
3. Alderman Madsen [As he will be moving on to the UC Legislature in 2010]
4. A member of the KPD [Perhaps a Detective?]
4. {A] To-Be-Determined Number of Others, Including two or more citizens of the City of Kingston, none of whom are associated with a Not-for-profit board or organization [religious or non] in any manner.

I am volunteering myself, as a concerned citizen, to work with this committee - and would recommend MaryAnne Parker , a former Kingston City Alderman that seems to have knowlege on this topic, as well. [This, providing that she and the others - and the appropriate political persons / bodies are interested].

[I am also compiling a list of citizen recommendations regarding the Mayors 2010 proposed budget, which will be emailed to pertinent parties and/or presented at the next pertinent meeting.

Thank You,

Nancy S. Smith, Citizen Advocate and Blogger
Kingston, NY...


Source: Informal Personal (Concerned Citizen) Meeting Notes and Document

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