Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UPDATE... Finance and Economic Development Meetings... Mayor's Proposed 2010 Budget... Citizen... Unofficial... Notes

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I will not be posting specific notes - today - on last night's Finance and Economic Development Committee Meeting - regarding the Mayor's proposed 2010 Budget - although I did attend it for an hour - and notes on both that meeting and tonight's meeting are (most likely) pending.

I am, however, working on submissions to the Council for tonight's meeting - including what I have collectively gathered and what I have come up with (very complex and no doubt limited, to one degree or another, by laws and rules I don't know about...) on my own.

I will say - now - that Alderman Charles Landi did an excellent job at chairing the meeting - that all of the Council members were in attendance - that 30-40+ people were in attendance - that all who raised their hand to speak (as far as I could tell / during the time I was there) got to speak - and that both the City Assessor [MaryAnn Bahruth (very informative and prepared)) and a Representative from the Parks and Recreation Department (Kevin Gilfeather, Recreation Supt., Administrator's Office) showed up to speak.

I am personally impressed (for the most part) with the Council and the work they are putting into this.

I am (personally) not happy with the Mayor's proposed 2010 Budget - as is - but "wonder" about the constraints that he and the Council may or may not (at least in some instances) be working under.

No doubt [in my mind] - the Council should have taken this matter more seriously - at an earlier date - public meetings should have been held earlier than this - and the crunch [to say the least] is on...

The fact that the payroll is [if I heard this right] being paid out of borrowed money [and/or bonds?] - and that the City of Kingston is facing a potential [if I have this right] Chapter 9 Bankruptcy - where we will have all of our services cut to the bottom line...] should be [I think] taken very seriously by all.

Who is willing to give a bit and where?

I am personally shocked at the wide range in pay ranges that are illustrated (within some Departments) in the Mayor's 2010 Proposed Budget...

And I wonder: "What the matter (ahem...) be?"

So... I've been taking my own challenge to try to devise a budget that works... and although some may laugh at my naivete [regarding Union restraints, etc.]... I am certainly giving this [still in the works] "my" best (naivete acknowledged) shot.

I do want to say - now - that I was disappointed in today's "Daily Freeman" coverage of last night's meeting - and of the last meeting ["Daily Freeman"; 11/15 and 11/17; Front Page] --- because it is so focused [for the most part] on one [the Recreation Department issues seem to make all of the headlines...] topic.

Yes, there was a lot of intensity around the whole Recreation Department issue...

But there were also a lot of other things said - and the fact that the City Assessor [MaryAnn Bahruth] came and helped clarify some issues around tax exemptions and such [Thank You!] should not [in my opinion] have been left out!

Nor should anything else that was put on the table for discussion.

That said, I'm going to keep on plugging - and hope that I can withstand (as a volunteer / citizen advocate / blogger) the stress - which I undergo ('tis on me) because I care - and I am (yep, yep, yep) very obsessive / compulsive ('tis a negative and a positive) when I care :)

There is another meeting tonight - same topic - City Hall - 7PM >>>>
Another tomorrow night [This is the regular Finance and Economic Development Committee Meeting]
And another [Some related issues are being brought up at the Planning Board Meeting, as well...] the next (Thursday).

Can I attend all of these? Probably (health concerns) not. But I will continue to do what I can when I can where I can.

Peace, Love and Humane Justice,


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