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Jan 2009 through 11/23/09... Flickr Slide Show Review... Local KC and UC Events and Activists... More

[A photo (by NS) from earlier this year, as businesses started to close shop, one after another - for one reason or another - in the City of Kingston...]

Nov 23, 2009 Update:

In Jan 2009, when I hosted - with (in association with some other groups, as well) - the Barack Obama Inauguration party at the Muddy Cup [which closed shortly after (I attempted to get a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to reopen it as a Community gathering / event / no booze family oriented party facility, and I was turned down)] - I was full of zest and zeal and hope; having been, like many others, totally disillusioned (to say the least) by the antics [some of which I consider outright crimes against the people of this nation...] of some members of the Bush Jr. [including former President George Bush Jr., himself; whom I consider one of the worst home-grown terrorists of this decade) Administration.

I didn't know a great deal about the intricate workings of politics, at that point; but I had gathered a great deal of history and facts [I am one to take my research to the max] during the writing of my three main published works [Please send any inquiries regarding these directly to my email or PO Box].

I had always considered myself - to that point [Jan 2009] an agoraphobic activist; or, if you like - an oxymoron in the flesh --- with my heart and conscience urging me to get "out there..." --- and my mind and body (in all of its symptomology...) screaming "No, No, No!"

Slowly, I started --- with the Inauguration Party being the first biggy (other than some public speaking and activism around child safety issues...) --- to get involved in politics --- at various levels and in coalition with a number of activism oriented groups...

Putting the books (quite different from what I write here; published in 2007) behind me (for the most part) --- and staying up to date (as best I could and can) on local, State and National news.

I attended (generally, with my husband) City Council Meetings, Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) Meetings, and some other City meetings (Finance; Cable; Laws and Rules; Human Rights Commission; Etc.) - to learn. But I began, over the course of time, to voice my opinions (albeit with a pounding heart) --- and I slowly, oh so slowly - built up a degree of understanding, empathy (for all parties involved) and [Our whole socio-economic-political system - is, in my opinion - a mess...] a flickering of self-esteem, self-confidence, a sense (not so good...) of heightened danger, and --- as I swim in a tank of catfish, goldfish and sharks (finding that sometimes one masquerades as the other..) --- courage.

I got to know people - wonderful people, for the most part - although I rarely get real close [this relates to my personal history] to anyone. Probably, in the interim, becoming - for some - a "bone of contention"; and for others, a welcome [I know at least some people appreciate what I have to say, whether it is on this blog or elsewhere] sight.

Did I ever intend to get so involved in politics at the local level?


Do I feel I have something to give in that area?


Have I become obsessed with it all?


Does everyone involved in politics become so?

I wonder...

Have I seen citizen activism grow and blossom locally and elsewhere - with others, perhaps like myself, getting involved for the first time?


Is this a good thing - bringing with it a more diverse range of thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions?

I think so.

Has this come at a high cost [physically, mentally, financially, socially) to some of us? [Many of whom can't afford to adequately meet (in regards to quality, accessibility, affordability) our own medical (this no doubt covers a wide range, and mental health needs don't get mentioned often enough...) needs.]

I can answer that to the affirmative --- and I'm sure some others can too.

Whatever the case, I want to thank all of the individuals portrayed in the Flickr photo slide show below - for being there - for caring enough (when such is the case) to be there - for trying to find solutions - and for allowing my presence and my camera (sometimes) at events.

I also wanted to add some more ideas about current budget issues here (K-NY) --- but I have decided to do that in a separate post [Stay tuned...] above.

[Photos (Primarily by NS) from K-NY and UC-NY Meetings and Events Jan 2009 - Nov 2009;]

If you would like your photo removed from this slide show [all photos were taken with permission (at the time) and/or at "public" events] - please let me know.

There are other new posts / issues touched upon below...

Peace, Love, Truth and Humane Justice,


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