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Love is My Religion... by Z. Marley... YouTube... Stopping the Violence... More...

["Ziggy Marley White House: Love Is My Religion"; as submitted to You Tube by ziggymarleycom on April 14, 2009;]

[This is the first time I heard (or saw) the video above. I think it is awesome!]


However, in tune with my life and history - not so different afterall - I chose Bruce Springsteen's song - "For You" - to top my music list today. Why? Because, in a sense, it is a song that helped save my life in the past - and it carries a similar (to the above) message - "It's your heart that holds your fate."

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. Mine was nice - and I hope yours was too. But the Holidays are a mixed bag for many people. Depression generally (from the stats I've read) go up. And this year the Holidays may bring challenges (social, financial, emotional, physical) that hold the potential for taking some folks over and/or beyond the "tipping point" (not my term, but I forget the source).

What do I mean by that?

Hang tight. Take it a "day at a time." Talk to people. Reach out for help (of whatever type) if you need it. And - feel free - here on site - to "talk" to me...

I'm reasonably comfortable (though it is a day to day struggle) in my own life now - worse off than many... better off than some... just another passenger, so to speak, on this train...

But I've been homeless in this lifetime. I have gone without food for myself and my children. I have lived at the bottom of the pecking order. I have entertained thoughts of suicide at different points in my life. And, I have even stood - at one point - in front of a loaded gun begging the person to shoot...

So, though I'm not exactly "whistling Dixie" [Or (lol) singing Pink Floyd's "Just Another Brick in the Wall..."] at this point - I am on the upside of down, more often than not - and if I can safely help another person find their way to their own heart ("It's your heart that holds your fate...") - I will certainly (at least via this blog) try.

A gentleman in Ward 4 (in association with the NAACP) - along with Alderman Whitlock, Alderman Madsen and Jeanne Edwards - is planning a rally (or something of the sort) geared towards addressing the violence --- "stopping" the violence --- in Midtown Kingston. Please see (Ward 4) [There is a contact number there] for more information about this --- and add your ideas --- here or there --- to the mix.

I have never spent much time on this blog addressing the violence in the city. I know it is there. I fear it. And I grieve for the children - youth - families that are caught up in it.

Been there. Done that.

And through all of the violence I have witnessed, experienced and/or read about (I have done loads of research on this topic...) --- the message I have is this:

Nothing positive at all...
Ever comes out of violence!

Being the "bully in the schoolyard" so to speak... leads to nothing but eventual alienation, reform schools, jails and (this is if you follow it through to its maximum...) prisons or an early (sometimes violent) injury, institutionalization or death.

Being the chronic victim of such bullies is apt to lead to a stance of "learned helplessness" (basic psychological term) - fears, phobias, post-traumatic-stress disorder, addictions - and sometimes - much (including transitioning to the bully mode) worse...

What is the anger in Midtown [I certainly have my ideas, but lets hear yours) about?

What is a typical day in Midtown like - for a mother, a father, a teenager, a child?

What needs are being met? What needs aren't being met? Would a public forum (a safe public forum) - and being able to lend your thoughts, feelings and "voices" to the mix help?

Check out the posting on

Think [if these issues apply to you...] of someone that you love - someone that loves you - and reach out for help...

Put down your drugs [Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are free...]...

Unfurl your fists (They might well end up broken anyway...)

Get rid of your weapons (Carry an alarm - a cell phone with emergency numbers programmed in... walk tall without malice...)

And I guarantee (yes indeed...) that your life (although life is never without its dangers, stress, grief and pain) will be better for it! [There is also the potential for faith (however one might define it), healing, accomplishment and joy!)]

Ask yourself: How can I contribute to my community? How can I make things better? Can I do one small thing - just one small thing - with those questions in mind - today?

It is not "us against them" [whatever this might symbolize to the reader] --- "them against us" [ditto] --- or anything of the sort.

I believe we have reached a point where we will all learn how to swim (like a school of fish...) --- or we will all (like a lead ball...) sink.

Peace, Love, Truth, Equality and Humane Justice,


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