Friday, November 27, 2009

You Tube Video Bliltz... Lots to Think About... Gangs... Bill Maher... Bugliosi on GWBush... Nifty Video on Child Discipline

Very Graphic at Times... Viewer Discretion Advised:

["On the Front Line: Gangs, Guns & Violence Part 1"; as submitted to You Tube by CutlineFilms on February 19, 2007;]

Maher [Coming to a Theatre (UPAC) Near You!] on the Pharmaceutical Industry:

["Bill Maher - Big Pharma"; as submitted to You Tube by AwakeningMinds on July 03, 2009;]

Vincent Bugliosi on G. W. Bush... [What do you think? (Controversial / Viewer Discretion Advised]

["Prosecution of George w. Bush..."; as submitted to You Tube by commonagenet; November 23, 2009;]

A Beautiful Video on Child Rearing / Discipline:

["Discipline that works!"; as submitted to You Tube by ParentsPartner on August 11, 2008;]

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