Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Sarcasm... "Victoria's Solo" from "Cats"... You Tube Video... Kings Inn... Parking Lot... Parking Meters

["Victoria's Solo" (From "Cats" the Musical); as submitted to You Tube by Dameeis;]

Hey guys and gals, did ya' fix that "cat" problem yet? 

It takes a "task force"?  ["Cat Advisory Task Force..."; Paul Kirby; "Daily Freeman"; 11/26/2010]


I thought that is why we had [no offense to any of the folks involved...] phones and places like the SPCA.

Silly me.


Hey, cool!  I hear ["Destiny:  Additional Parking"; "Kingston Times"; 11/25/2010; p. 5] that they might level this place [the old Kings Inn] and put in a parking lot!  In all humility [sorry, I have some sarcasm running in my blood tonight...] I brought up that very idea at a meeting at City Hall well over six months ago [probably over a year ago...] when I also suggested that this [proposed] parking lot be used for UPAC - and that a parking fee be charged for those [from out of town] attending the shows at UPAC. 

This is what is done at most places that host big name musicians and such.  Why shouldn't the City of Kingston benefit from same?  It sure makes a lot more sense [no offense intended] than the parking meters that City residents have to jog out to [or pay inflated fines for not doing so...] in order to put more coins in the slot; including people that work uptown, folks having medical tests and such done in midtown, etc.  In my opinion, the UPAC parking lot (with attached fees for out of towners) is (if you can stop folks from parking for free at the bowling alley...) a good idea; whilst the meters are not.

BTW, you are right... 

I am NOT (cranky, cranky, cranky...) aging well!

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