Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rural Poverty... Caste System? Bristol Palin... When Is Enough Enough? America, Get A Grip...

I haven't forgotten where I [In my case, in rural New York State] come from.

[ "Poverty in Rural America - 1965 - Clip 1:  Introduction"; as submitted to You Tube by FasttrackHistory; ]

What I see around me:

["Poverty in America a Social Class"; as submitted to You Tube by YouSeeMyWorld; ]

Compare and Contrast (Yep.  I am P-Oed! / Please See Thread - On This Topic - Below):

[ "Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Season Premiere"; as submitted to You Tube by MahaloNews; ]

One of the most incredible videos I have ever seen:

["I am ONE vote for World Equality and Equal Rights - Equality Song by Matti Freeman"; as submitted to You Tube by MayaHareIHere; ]

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