Thursday, February 24, 2011

Income Inequality... Link... Mother Jones... Rally for the Other 98%... Today... MoveOn.Org

Pic from a Rally for Health Care Reform
Outside of Congressman Hinchey's Office
Rally and Photo Associated with Political Action
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Up to Date (Very Informative) Link: 

"It's the Inequality, Stupid";  "Mother Jones":

Today at NOON:  "Rally for the Other 98% and to Oppose Budget Cuts"


In front of Congressman Hinchey's office

291 Wall Street, Kingston

A rally to oppose the proposed budget cuts that will hurt the middle class and poor, while showering billions in subsidies to oil companies and other corporations. Proposed cuts would slash funding for food aid for needy women, children and infants, home heating assistance for the elderly, green jobs, job training and much more. Congressman Hinchey has spoken out on his opposition to the cuts [Hinchey video posted below...] and we have invited him to say a few words at our rally and to thank him for staying strong for hard working American families. This rally is being organized by the Ulster County MoveOn Council. For more information, or if you have a story to share..." [Copied and Pasted From My Email...]

Put a note here or email --- and I will contact one of the organizers (the person that sent me the email) for you.

Associated Organizations (as noted on the bottom of the email):

"The Hudson Valley Progressive Coalition"

"Hudson Valley for Obama"

"New Paltz and Vicinity for Obama"

"New Paltz Women in Black"

"Arts for Peace"

"Peace [and] Social Progress Now"

"Ulster County Community Council (the local MoveOn Council)"

"Network of Spiritual Progressives"

"NAACP of Kingston, NY"

"Dutchess with Obama"

"Orange for Obama"

"Single Payer/Hudson Valley"

[If I have noted anything in error, please let me know and I will make the appropriate corrections.]

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