Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photos From Today's Rally... More Pending

Some photos (by NS) of today's rally [More Information Will Be Provided Later (I've crashed...); Remember to Keep an Eye on Channel Six News...]:


The children are our most precious investment.

Class Act

Very Insightful and Important Work Here!

Perhaps a little sampling of what the poorest 2% feel like?

I like this gal!

The Orange Sign Says a Lot...  Does it Not?
The Other Sign Shows a Willingness to Compromise.
And We Were All There to Thank Congressman Hinchey for What He Has Done for Us - With a Few Hints as to What at Least Some of Us Would Like Him To Do [i.e., support cut backs in military funding]

Spunky : )

A Sign I Put Together for the Event

Two of the Organizers

This Pic Didn't Turn Out Great; but I Like It Anyway!

Very Aprpro.

All in All (More Photos Pending) a Great Turnout!

Yes, Alderman Fuentes, You Will Get An E-Mailed Copy of This!

A Sincere Thank You to MoveOn.Org, Congressman Hinchey; and All of the Others Involved!

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Granny66 said...

Great pictures--a particularly good shot of Alix--wish I could have been there!