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Chaos and Confusion... KAPA and FOPA Times Ten... Passing on Info from Gov Paterson... Kudos and Comments... Some Local...

"On Tuesday, June 23, 2009, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and City Journal senior editor Steven Malanga was on WNBC News talking about how much the dysfunction and chaos in the NY State Senate i..."

["Steven Malanga on WNBC News"; as submitted to You Tube by ManhattanInstitute on June 24, 2009;]

The following, from "Governor Paterson Continues to Call for Extraordinary Sessions of the Senate‏". has been copied and pasted (from my email) / edited slightly / and condensed (There were many other statements included in the original) for placement here:

"Dear New Yorker,

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Paterson again told the New York State Senate to stop playing games and get back to work on the people’s business.

“They have clearly forgotten who they serve," said Governor Paterson. "There are 19 million people in this state whose healthcare and education and public safety depend on our action. It’s time to get back to work. They should stay here every day – Saturdays, Sundays, July 4, and every other time, until they remember that they work for the people of New York and not for themselves...”


"Here is what other leaders statewide [bold print mine] have been saying in support of Governor Paterson’s call for continued extraordinary sessions of the New York State Senate:

Statement from Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO of the Partnership for NY...

“The Partnership for New York City strongly supports Governor Paterson’s call for a special session of the State Legislature to deal with priority issues on a bipartisan basis. We urge the Republican and Democratic conferences to break the political deadlock and resume work on crucial legislation including Mayoral control of New York City public schools and the tax bills and extenders necessary for state and local government to function. Ongoing legislative inaction on these key issues threatens New York’s status as a business capital.”

Statement from Peter A. Baynes, Executive Director, New York Conference of Mayors...

“The time has come to put an end to the gridlock that has crippled the New York State Senate. Numerous bills are not being addressed which, if left to languish, will directly harm New York’s local governments and their taxpayers. The longer the stalemate goes on, the more uncertain local officials become about the stability of their budgets and the future of their communities. NYCOM commends Governor Paterson for his leadership in attempting to facilitate a resolution to this impasse. Now it is up to the members, as public servants, to settle their differences and do what they were elected to do – act in the best interest of all New Yorkers.”

Statement from Secretary of State Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez: “Amid all of the confusion and chaos in the State Senate, Governor Paterson has showed determined leadership and presented a clear message that we must set aside petty politics and put the needs of the people of New York first. He recognizes that through chaos can come opportunity, and we must use this moment to refocus on the issues that matter most to the people of New York...”

Statement from County Executive Mike Hein, County of Ulster: "My concerns are for the property tax payers of Ulster County and all of New York State. I want to commend Governor Paterson for calling the State Senate back into session. In these challenging times, it is essential the people’s work be completed and an important step is taken towards restoring public faith in State Government..."

Statement from Kenneth Adams, President & CEO of The Business Council of New York State... “Extension of the state’s Power for Jobs programs is crucial to hundreds of employers, and hundreds of thousands of workers across New York. This program helps energy-intensive businesses stay competitive, in the face of high in-state power costs. We appreciate Gov. David Paterson making this extension a priority. The Business Council urges the Senate to pass this extension before it sunsets...”

Statement from Tom Hoffay, Alderman, City of Kingston: “I am very supportive of Governor Patterson's decision to call a special session of the NYS Senate, in an attempt to end this dreadful stalemate in state government. The Governor's initiative is a welcome change from the State Senate's partisan and frivolous bickering over the past few weeks. With so many important and challenging decisions to be made, the Senate's inactivity has been shameful...”

Statement from President of NARAL Pro-Choice New York Kelli Conlin: “Yesterday, Governor David Paterson, long considered to be a supporter of women’s issues, announced that he ‘will call the Senate into session every day until the people's business is discharged.’

"NARAL Pro-Choice New York, on behalf of the women of our state, calls upon the Governor to live up to his commitment to these issues and place the Reproductive Health Act – landmark legislation to codify Roe v Wade in New York State – on the Senate’s agenda. We likewise call upon the Senators to live up to their commitments and affirm women’s health and rights by passing this bill.

"Before the coup threw the Senate into disarray, the Reproductive Health Act (which has the support of 75% of New Yorkers across all party lines and demographics) was scheduled for a June 10 Senate vote. NARAL Pro-Choice New York had commitments from 34 senators, across party lines, to pass a clean bill. But, as we all know, an ill-advised power play two days earlier derailed the Reproductive Health Act, along with the state’s other pending legislation.

"With this Extraordinary Session the Governor and the Senate now have an extraordinary window of opportunity to stand up for the women who helped elect them by standing up for women’s health and rights -- an issue that is most assuredly the ‘people’s business.’

"Let's make sure the Reproductive Health Act is not among the casualties of this fiasco...”

Statement from James M. Stewart, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region: "Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region calls on Governor Paterson to add Reproductive Health Act to the Senate’s agenda

"As a reproductive health care provider, Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region calls on Gov. David Paterson and the New York State Senate to ensure the consistent delivery of women’s reproductive health care in New York State by advancing the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) this session. RHA will codify Roe v. Wade by updating New York’s 1970 reproductive health laws.

'The Governor has been clear in his stance that protecting women’s health is a priority for New York State,' said Jim Stewart, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region. 'We urge him to take action by putting the RHA on the Senate’s agenda this week, and we call on the Senate to pass it into law.'

"There is bi-partisan support for RHA, and the Senate’s derailment should not change that. 'Approximately three-quarters of NewYork voters support RHA—those same voters who elected our Senators to perform their jobs for the good of the people of New York State,' said Stewart. 'They haven’t done that in several weeks, and it is time they get back to work.'

"Nearly 85 percent of New York voters say they want the State to play an active role in protecting and strengthening reproductive health care. Passing the Reproductive Health Act answers this call."

Statement from Moises Perez, Executive Director Alianza Dominicana: "We commend and Support Governor David A. Paterson for his leadership in convening a special session to remind senate members to get back to work and also to remember that their mission is to serve the Tax payers of NYS.

Statement from Rosita M. Romero, Executive Director, Dominican Women Development Center: "We support Governor Paterson- It’s about time that senate members put their political differences aside and get busy addressing our real needs as taxpayers.”

Statement from Ron Thiele, Executive Director, Stanley Center for the Arts...

“As head of a not-for-profit that enjoys a productive partnership with New York State, I applaud your leadership as Governor to engage the legislature and its full capacity to serve its powerful partnership with every citizen and organization and business in New York State.”

Statement from Philip Banks, Jr., President, One Hundred Black Men, Inc...

“As President of One Hundred Black Men NY, I find it appalling that politics are ruling the day in the State Senate while the business of the New York goes unattended. I applaud Governor Paterson’s leadership in bringing our legislative body back to serving the interests of the people...”

Statement from Randy Wolken, President of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY): “On behalf of New York State's manufacturing community, it is essential for the Legislature to act before June 30 to extend the Power For Jobs and Energy Cost Saving Benefit Program. During such troubling economic times, it is critical to protect our businesses in any way possible. I would like to thank Governor Paterson for his recognition of the time sensitivity and critical nature of this program, and making the passage of the extension his number one priority...”

Statement from Nick Lugo, President of the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: "As business men and women we are in full support of our Governor, David A. Paterson, to restore Albany and give the people of NYS confidence that he understands that in these difficult times we need to stimulate the economy and get back to business. Legislators stop wasting taxpayers' money…"

... Statement from Walt Dixie, Founder, Alliance Network: "I am expressing the following comments regarding Governor Paterson’s decision to call a special session of the state senate today at 3:00 pm. In the midst of economic downturn, uncertainty, and an overwhelming need to build community capacity, it is utterly ridiculous that the NY State Senate has put the business and decisions that impact the everyday lives of New Yorkers on hold while they engage in a bitter and fruitless power struggle. I am happy that the governor has taken a stand and asserted his authority to bring the Senate to order. Governor Paterson deserves much credit for taking on the plethora of challenges that face New Yorkers head on. Thereby, I can only hope that this pointless bickering will be put aside and that the Senate will recognize that they were elected to work to enhance societal welfare and not to advance their own agenda.”

Statement from Lillian Rodriguez Lopez, President of the Hispanic Federation...

“New York State is at a critical juncture for many important budget and legislative actions. Governor Paterson’s goal to continue to move the state forward requires action by the State Senate following the example already set by Speaker Silver and the members of the Assembly. There are many issues that remain to be addressed in addition to those recently articulated by the Governor. “

Statement from Ron Soloway, Managing Director, UJA Federation of New York...

"We applaud Governor Paterson for calling a special session of the State Senate so that pending legislation benefiting the poor and vulnerable can be enacted. These include such crucial items as Timothy’s Law (mental health parity), an extension of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (special education), an extension of legislation that will insure that non profit organizations providing essential services on behalf of state government can have their contracts processed in a timely manner, and many others."

Statement from William Rapfogel, CEO of the Metropolitan Council of Jewish Poverty... "So much needs to be done to help the state grapple with the economic crisis that the Governor has demonstrated critical leadership in calling this special session."

Statement from Lucille McEwen, President, Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement (HCCI): “The Governor has exercised leadership and has called for the Special Session of the legislature. The Senators must take up the critical business of the people in these trying times. The business of the people has been delayed for too long and critical legislation that impacts all New Yorkers should be addressed. We may all suffer if order is not restored to the chaos in Albany...”

Statement from Zenaida Mendez, Founder National Dominican Women's Caucus...

“Someone said: ‘A leader has two important characteristics: first, s/he knows where she/he is going; second, s/he is able to persuade people to go with her.’ Governor Paterson today can count on the people of the State of New York to follow him re-engaging the men and women elected to represent us in doing what we are paying them with our tax dollar to do...”

- The Office of Governor Paterson"

From: News from the Governor's Office (
New York State Executive Chamber, State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224...
Copyright 2009 New York State. All rights reserved.

Respectfully Passed on by,


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