Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Most of us are familiar with the following song - and life is so very, very busy and complex that one sometimes wonders - "how can I possibly be 'all things to all people?'"

The answer - the hard answer - is, of course, that we can't...

But making time for our children - in particular, during their young and vulnerable years - should (whenever humanly possible) be on the top of our priority list...

Personally - I think implementing a 30-hour work week (considered full-time with benefits) would be helpful in this regard - now that life is sooooooo complex - with so many professionals needing to stay on top of things (during their alleged "off" time) in the computer world (the news, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and such...) -

Which might mean (as a side benefit) more F/T (30 hr. work weeks) jobs for more people!

Whatever the case - parenting [there are also childcare (Affordable? Quality?) considerations; the need for fun and affordable family outlets, etc.) is a serious, serious, serious - and too often seriously undervalued (in regards to mothers and fathers) F/T job...

Which might sound a little "tacky" - put that way - to some...

But a wise man once said, "Love is Work"...

And mistakes, once made (I know something about this...) can-not always (no matter how hard one might try) be undone.

How many of us think... "I wish I knew then... what I know now?"

How can we encourage the next generation (this could be a personal and political question - regarding family-friendly legislation and policies...) to avoid the mistakes that we (Please remember the tale about "glass houses"...) have made?

["Harry Chapin - Cats in the cradle and silver spoon music video"; as submitted to You Tube by Rakin2008 on October 07, 2008;]

From the White House Blog:

["The White House - Blog Post - Responsible Fatherhood";]

Happy Fathers Day to All!

Peace, Love, Equality and Humane Justice,


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