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Obama... Transparency in Goverment... You Tube... KAPA Meeting... FOPA... Document Turned In at Tonights Meeting

["Obama: Transparency Will Be Touchstone"; as submitted to You Tube by tpmtv on January 21, 2009; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72g7qmeP1dE]

Notes on tonight's Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) meeting are forthcoming. For tonight, I just want to post a copy (slightly modified for placement here) of the document that I provided to the KAPA Commissioners that were present - along with the Friends of Public Access (FOPA) Members that were present. Copies of this, with an explanation, have also been emailed to the Kingston City Mayor and a number of other (relevant / City and County) individuals. Copies are pending for members of the Kingston City Common Council.

Kingston Area Public Access Commission Meeting Submission - June 23, 2009

Request for Documentation / Discussion / Possible Votes...

1. This is a request for specific Information regarding budget specifics for both Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) and Friends of Public Access (FOPA) - inclusive of an accounting of any and all monies received (with sources noted) within the last year (June 2008 - June 2009); all monies spent (inclusive of copies of receipts) within that same time span; all monies (revenue) securely and definitely pending for July 1, 2009 - July 1, 2010; all monies tentatively pending for July 1, 2009 - July 1, 2010; current account balance information (Where are these accounts located? Under what or who's name? Are two people required to sign on to these accounts?); and projected monetary needs (line by line specifics) for July 1, 2009 through July 1, 2010.


A. What are the past and current mailing address for KAPA (If a P.O. Box is not currently active, could the KAPA Commission vote to establish one?]

B. What are the past and current mailing addresses for FOPA; when and where have FOPA meetings been held?; have FOPA meetings been open (Who has attended other than FOPA Board members?) to the public?]

2. Discussion / Possible Vote: Would it be in the best interest of KAPA to formally change the Quorum requirements [defining a quorum as 1/2 of the officially confirmed KAPA Commission members that are present at any given Commission meeting + 1] --- and change the KAPA Bylaws to reflect this change?

3. Discussion / Possible Vote: Would it be in the best interest of KAPA to dissolve the relationship (in all regards) that KAPA has with FOPA? [This would require that FOPA turn over any and all funds collected for KAPA to KAPA]

4. Could these matters [Around Documentation, Potential Quorum Vote and Potential Change in the KAPA Bylaws Vote] - in Particular - be handled in an pragmatic and expedient manner (all budgetary records and addresses, etc., should be on hand...)

5. Could KAPA (or an assistant) file for the Budget records, etc. that have been requested [if these are not submitted in a timely (2 Weeks?) manner] via the Freedom of Information Act --- and/or involve legal counsel (City of Kingston) - should such be necessary?

Concerned Citizen...


As I recently noted on Alderman Madsen's blog, the "hipbone is connected to the thighbone..."

It is also true, as the Feminists of the late 1960s and 1970s used to say - that "the personal is political."


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