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Kingston Area Public Access Television Meeting Agenda and Update... KAPA is Seeking Participants and Donors...

"The importance of public access in Florida..." is fundamentally the same (Please watch the following You Tube video!) as the importance of public access in Kingston, New York. Please help get it back in the green --- and back on the screen --- once AGAIN!

["Why TBCN is Important"; as submitted to You Tube by TampaBayCommunityNet on June 08, 2009;]

In the Interest of Open Government and General Information --- So That Those Who Would Like To Attend / Get Involved (as Commissioners, Producers, Volunteers, Donors, Etc.) with Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) Television (Channel 23) --- I am Submitting the Following Meeting Agenda [The meeting will be in Conference Room 1 at City Hall / 7PM Tomorrow Night). [Revised somewhat for inclusion here]

Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA)Commission Meeting Agenda / 6/23/2009

1. Introductions and open speaking session (three minutes per person maximum)

2. KAPA Secretary Report:

3. KAPA Budget Report:

A. Treasurer-Budget Report / Current Balance / Paid (Receipts) / Pending Expenditures

[Please have a written budget report, receipts and copies of same available for the next City of Kingston Public Safety / General Government / Cable Committee Meeting (This Thursday) and the next KAPA Commission Meeting.]

4. Update on Ellenbogen (sp?) building:

5. Volunteers / Suggestions / Appointments and/or Comments from:

A. City of Kingston

KAPA Commissioner Joe Marchetti
KAPA Commissioner Shelly Zimbler
KAPA Commissioner Geri Breen
KAPA Commissioner / Temporary Chairperson, Bob Smith
One Opening / Volunteers / Suggestions

B. Town of Esopus

Mercedes Ross [Revised... OK?]

C. Town of Rosendale:

One Opening / Volunteers / Suggestions

D. Town of Kingston:

One Opening / Volunteers / Suggestions

E. Town of Hurley:

One Opening / Volunteers / Suggestions

F. Town of Ulster:

One Opening / Volunteers / Suggestions

G. Town of Marbletown:

One Opening / Volunteers / Suggestions [Sorry, I missed this initially!]

9. Revision of Bylaws on the "Formalities of a Quorum" [See Attachment (Addendum)]

10. Reports from Friends of Public Access (FOPA)

A. Treasurer-Budget Report / Current Balance / Paid (Receipts) / Pending Expenditures

[Please have written budget report, receipts and copies of same available for the next KAPA Commission meeting and City of Kingston Safety and Cable Committee Meeting.]

B. FOPA Secretary Report

11. Clarification of Relationship between KAPA and FOPA...

12. Other Old Business?

13. New Business?

14. Closing Commentary / Suggestions (Open / Three Minute Per Person Maximum)

15. Next (Date / Time / Location) City of Kingston Public Safety / General Government / Cable Committee Meeting:

Thursday, City Hall, Conference Rm. 1, 7PM

16. Next (Date / Time / Location) Friends of Public Access (FOPA) Meeting:


17. Next (Date / Time / Location) Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA) Meeting:


... XXX


Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA)Commission Meeting [Attachment] Addendum

Revision of Bylaws --- 6/23/2009

"Formalities of Quorum"

Resolution #1-2009:

In the interest of common sense and logic the KAPA Commission defines (in its bylaws) a quorum as 1+ half of the appointed and existing (serving in a particular calender month) members of the KAPA Commission. This is to help in the reasonable course of decision-making and the administration of Public Access in a timely and efficient manner.

Be It Resolved:

A quorum for KAPA is to be half plus 1 of the appointed members of the Commission serving at that time.

For Example:

The City of Kingston needs 1 more appointee [Four Commissioners are currently serving / active]

The Town of Esopus has 1 appointee.

The Towns of Kingston, Hurley, Rosendale, Kingston and Marlboro currently have no active appointees.

Thus, there are currently Five active KAPA Commissioners --- and a quorum would equal half of that number (2) plus 1 (A total of Three)

"Quasi Government Commission" defined as:

1. Quasi: "as if, as it were... just as... in the sense of... in the manner of"

2. Government: "To administer... exercise authority over... direct or guide"

3. Commission: "Body of persons assigned to perform certain duties or tasks."


Respectfully posted (Please let me know if I have misspelled any names or made any other errors...) by,



Rebecca Martin said...

Nancy - excellent post! Very helpful to see the agenda, and to see KAPA so organized for the public. Thank you for posting, and keeping us up-to-date.

Is there a place for donations to be sent? A PO Box perhaps? I will get to a meeting in the future myself - as I'd like to learn how the organization works to allocate funds for programming. I also think it would be great if time permits to offer a city garden program in the future.

N. S. said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you. I've let Bob know that they need to set up a P.O. box - specific to KAPA - ASAP - so hopefully in a couple of days I will have that information to pass on to you.

For now, checks or money orders should be made out to Kingston Area Public Access, rather than to any individual or other entity. There are some ambiguities (on the agenda) in this regard that will hopefully be worked out tomorrow, as well.

The city gardening program sounds great - and I bet your input (you certainly seem ot be a "mover and a shaker" :) would be helpful overall!

I'll post more when I know more.

Thanks Again!


N. S. said...

It should be noted that there has been some contention - re the quorum specifics - via email communications with a FOPA member --- and I would encourage anyone with specific knowlege in the quorum arena to please attend this meeting. Part of why KAPA has not been able to make progress (in my opinion, as an observer and sometime note taker...) is the fact that KAPA and FOPA often appear (this is my opinion, which I have heard echoed elsewhere...) to be (in a number of respects) at odds (versus working together towards the same goals...). That said, the quorum issue (along with money issues...) is something that (in my opinion) seriously needs to be worked out - and if KAPA and/or FOPA have been working under atiquidated rules that are counterproductive to getting KAPA functional - then maybe the rules themselves need to be changed (?!?!?)

I am no expert in this area. But I think (whether through happenstance or intent) that there is an "elephant in the livingroom" (so to speak) - and that it is time that this "elephant" gets addressed...

This is another area where "enough is enough!" Let's get serious - let's be open - and let's get this show (your shows!) back on the air!