Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fire in Ward 5 [Revised] - Governor Paterson's Webcast 2nd State of the State Address - Blogs, Blogs, Blogs...

Christmas 2009 / Photo by NS

Revised:  According to today's "Daily Freeman", seven people, including three children / youth were displaced as a result of the intense fire in Ward 5 yesterday.  These folks are being assisted by the Red Cross - and I hope to generate a list of the families needs [give me a couple of days...] so that folks can help them out if they so choose / are able.

If anyone is interested in holding a fundraiser of some sort, I am willing to provide free music / karaoke / children's entertainment [in some sort of public venue] for the occassion.


To watch a webcast [live] of Governor David Paterson giving his 2nd "State of the State Address" - please check in at at 1PM today.


I have added a collection of blogs and links to my list - and I will return later to sort these out and remove [if necessary] anything that I find offensive.  More may be added.  Alternative viewpoints - as long as respectful - will be kept. 

Bear with me.  This will be somewhat time consuming.

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