Friday, January 8, 2010

Fire in Ward 5 - Correction - Questions - Thank You

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According to today's "Kingston Times" a woman and six children / youth [the "Freeman" count on this was three children/youth] were left homeless after a blaze devoured their home on CJ Cole Lane (Ward 5, near Pine Grove Avenue and Summer Street).  Updates [as to how one might be able to help out, if so inclined]  are hopefully pending.  So far the numbers I have accessed for the Red Cross have not been valid.


This was a very serious fire with the potential for even greater damage - and it would appear that something might need to be done in regard to fire hydrants and/or street width / other safety factors in this area...

I'm not up on fire codes and such - and I don't claim to know much about how calls / responses such as this work...

But I do know that Summer Street - all of Summer Street [two blocks plus?] was totally shut down to traffic for a few hours - that neighboring houses must have been at high risk - and that the firefighters themselves must have been [one was reputedly injured] at high risk.

There is a also a residence that I believe services Cerebral (sp?) Palsy clients located close to where this fire occurred - which brings up additional safety issues and such...

Kudos to the Fire Department personnel involved. 

This question is to you and well as to anyone else...

What would have made your job in this instance safer and easier for all concerned?  Is another hydrant needed?  Stronger water pressure to the hydrants? 

Are there other issues?

Just asking.

This seems like a disaster that could have easily become a much worse disaster...


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