Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freewrite - 2009 - 2010 - Inventory Taking

The Snowman, The President, Santa Claus and The Mouse
Photo by NS

Last year, around this time, I had just finished playing host [with the assistance of MoveOn.Org] for President Barack Obama's local Inauguration Party at the Kingston MuddyCup [a wonderful success!] --- which is now [the Kingston MuddyCup] approximately a year vacant --- and apparently pegged [despite being practically across the street from Rite Aid and just up the street from the up and coming (new) Walgreens...] to become yet another Kingston [no dealers on these corners... lol] drug store.

Last year, around this time, life was tough.  It was cold.  Santa had apparently gone "bottoms up" during his treck through the City skies... 

And, as always --- "the tax man cometh" --- bearing higher rates for the majority of City of Kingston homeowners --- and promising nothing [except for the opportunity to file grievances, which many did...] --- at all.

Hope was in the air though. 

Hope - for some of us - was in the air.

So we did our homework; grabbed on the back of that sled and did a few loop-de-loops; joined activist organizations that supported the Obama Administration and/or our local citizen groups...

And filed those grievances...

For better [usually] or for worse [?].

After all, life is - to some degree - what you make it.

Fun is - to some degree - what you make it.

But it still hurts when you fall...

It still hurts when you fail...

And it still hurts when it (ouch, ouch, ouch...) hurts...

This year, President Barack Obama is no longer a novice...; Santa Claus held his own a "wee bit" better; the snowman lost his theatrical lighting abilities and got his head filled with old pillow "stuff"; and the mouse [never overly talented in any respect] surely needs [and will receive] a bath...

Is this "our moment?"

What got better in 09?

What got worse in 09?

What did you do [it could be as simple as planting a flower...] to try to make a positive impact  in 09?

What might you [I've already beat myself up...] have done better? 

What about 2010?






I'm just writing "Stream of Consciousness" kinda' stuff this am...

But taking ones personal inventory is always a good idea --- and it would most likely be a positive undertaking - for groups - business enterprises - and government bodies [don't ya' think?] as well.

After all, in the past --- when the snowman lost his twinkling spinning lights --- I would have trashed him.

But minus his plug [safety issues...] - head stuffed with old pillow fiber (making use of an aged out pillow, as well) he (the snowman...) still looks pretty good...

As does - to me - the rest of the "crew." 

[We really need to remember that 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 (which was like skiing downhill on ice at breakneck speeds...) preceded 2009....]



gerald said...

The muddy cup was brilliant, but whoa! there was no business plan! there couldn't have been: a huge property, nicely redone, and absolutely no source of income save a cup of coffee now and then?
Even the one in Saugerties had to leave, but has kindly been taken up with a huge amount of love and work and is back to the Inquiring Mind with food and books and art and music and lectures and games. And it's much more central, tons more foot traffic, etc.
Ah, and the "music" :-) I guess as long as I hear it, I get to say I've heard it and don't want it.
Anyway, I bookmarked you and will try to get to your posts before they get too far down in the stack.
And good on you for visiting the other local blogs, like the main street managers site Kingstonhappenings.org and the associated blog. I've got a new years resolution to visit my local blogs, read, and leave a comment now and then.

NS said...

I tried to get a CDBG grant to help me reopen the facility that housed the MuddyCup - as more of a famiy-oriented and community-oriented gathering place - but it was a no-go.

I had planned to charge a door fee for events; rent the place out and serve as host for community groups; sell some [modest goals here] food and drinks - and to provide a place where youth and local artists/craftspersons could exhibit and sell [on consignment] their works, as well...

Along with providing entertainment for the young / families [clown, birthday, magic, music and dance] on some nights and for adults [DJ, open poetry, karaoke... ; but a no booze joint, across the board...] as well.

But - even with the offer of doing a free party for the youth in each Ward group (one free party a month) this was a no go... and I have to admit that I still feel a bit bitter [I truly feel I would have had it up and hopping by now...] about it.

I didn't expect to make money the first year or so. But it surely would have helped in terms of community spirit and brightening up the darkness.

I do have quite a gift (I think) when it comes to creative enterprises...

I've had other ideas since...

And - agh - another drug store!

Oh well...

Thanks for posting G. I'm trying to encourage more internet blog surfing [and posting, because even a word or two is encouraging to the blogger...] in this local as well.