Monday, April 19, 2010

Congressman Maurice Hinchey at SUNY New Paltz... Hudson Valley Progressive Coalition... "We the People"... Info... Links... More

How come I'm not finding any coverage (yet) of Congressman Hinchey's appearance / address at  SUNY  New Paltz yesterday?  Congressman Hinchey was among a panel of experts that included John Bonifaz, the Legal Director of Voter Action and the Director of Free Speech for People; Margery F. Baker, Vice President for the American Way; and Joan D. Mandel, Ph.D. the Executive Director of Democracy Matters...

All were present to speak on a very critical (in my opinion) topic:  "We the People:  A Forum to Defend Democracy" --- with a focus on what "we" can do to fight the Supreme Court's ruling in "Citizens United v. FEC" [For more information on this please check out and the other sources I've noted below]

The sponsors of this well-attended forum included the Hudson Valley Progressive Coalition, SUNY New Paltz, the Ulster County Move On Council, the Ulster County Democratic Committee; and Democracy Matters.  Some other groups associated with Hudson Valley Progressives, many of whom had representatives present, include:  New Paltz Women In Black; Hudson Valley for Obama; People for the American Way; New Paltz and Vicinity for Obama; Network of Spiritual Progressives; Arts for Peace; Peace & Social Progress Now; NAACP of Kingston; Hudson Valley Single Payer; Orange for Obama; and Dutchess for Obama.

Other notables were undoubtable captured on the videos I took - but the processing of "same" will take some time...

What can "we" do?

1)  Support the Fair Elections Now Act ("H.R. 1826" and "S752") [This act "provides voluntary public financing for congressional races so that candidates are beholden only to voters not corporations or special interests."]

2) Support a "Constitutional Amendment" [Congressman Hinchey is co-sponsoring "HJRes74"] to "undo the SCOTUS ruling."

3) Thank Congressman Hinchey and Senator Gillibrand for co-sponsoring "The Fair Elections Now Act."

4) Encourage Senator Schumer [202-224-3121] to support these Acts ("HJRes74"; "H.R. 1826" and "S752") as well!

5) Support the "Shareholders Protection Act" ("H.R. 4790" / House...); and... 

6) Let all of your members of Congress know that the citizens of this nation need a strong and consistant "Consumer Financial Protection Agency."

For additonal information (the forum and various organizational flyers are the source of the information I'm presenting here) --- please check out:

In, addition, if you are so inclined...

1.  Sign the petiions (others might be available, as well) at:

2.  Contact your elected officials to encourage thier support of "H.R. 1826", "S.752"; "HJRes74" and [in the House...} "H.R. 4790;" and

3)  Stay tuned for some videos of the event.  [These will be posted if at all (I'm still learning) possible!]

If any errors have been made here --- or any sponsoring / involved organizations have been left out --- please let me know and corrections will be made!

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