Thursday, April 22, 2010

Congressman Maurice Hinchey at SUNY New Paltz "We the People..." --- and at the Recent UC Chamber of Commerce Event - You Tube Videos - Personal Opinions

The following two videos - accessed from You Tube - are not the videos I took of this event - and these videos [I'm just posting videos 1 and 3 from this source] are not titled in the manner I would have titled them! 

How Congressman Hincheys speech at SUNY could be construed as against "Freedom of Speech" is beyond me.... 

But everyone is allowed their perspective.

"Freedom of Speech" - in my opinion - is meant for citizens.

Not businesses, not media conglamorates, not not-for-profits, not religious bodies, not hate groups, not any other special interest grounps (such as unions) --- and certainly not for (many of these are multinational... an additional concern!) corporations.

I might return to this topic later [My perspective and some pertinent links are put forth in an entry down below] - but for now I'm just going to post the videos - which are open to one's own value judgements / opinions.

I personally feel that Conressman Hinchey has been and remains a strong advocate for the people.

["Hinchey against free speech Part 1"; "Gardiners Right"; You Tube; 4/19/2010; ]

["Hinchey against free speech 3"; "Gardeners Right"; You Tube; 4/19/2010; ]


This video was also accessed from You Tube --- and features Congressman Hinchey at a recent [April 2010] meeting of the Chamber of Commerce:

["Congressman Maurice Hinchey"; paulrakov; You Tube; 4/20/2010; ]

Please note that there are a number of links related to these topics in an entry down below.  Ignorance, as it has been said, is the worst type of poverty...


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